‘This may be the dirtiest place in Singapore’: Chinese student dismayed by the filth in Chinatown

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‘This may be the dirtiest place in Singapore’: Chinese student dismayed by the filth in Chinatown

Is Singapore’s Chinatown the dirtiest place in the city?That’s what one TikTok user has questioned, after seeing the litter-filled pedestrian walkways and coffeeshop floors in the vicinity.The TikTok user is believed to be a Chinese student in Singapore, according to his profile.In a video posted on Saturday (July 16), the user, known as Zeinsg, noted that as Singapore has gradually opened up its borders post-Covid, “the streets have gotten more crowded and hygiene standards are terrible”.”This may be the dirtiest place in Singapore,” said Zeinsg in Mandarin. “I can’t help but sigh, is this still the place that people know as a garden city?” he added.The clips, which appear to be taken around Singapore’s Chinatown, from the MRT station to People’s Park Centre, showed streets which were evidently dirty and strewn with rubbish.@zeinsg Why Singapore’s Chinatown so dirty? That is insane! Is there most unclean place in Singapore? #singapore #chinatown ♬ original sound – 阿泽在新加坡One clip taken by Zeinsg showed empty plastic cups lining a walkway. And over at a nearby hawker centre and coffeeshop, the scene was similarly dismal, with floors littered with plastic material and bottles.Zeinsg acknowledged in the video that while even the cleanest of cities would not be able to completely eradicate hygiene issues, the state of Singapore’s Chinatown has left him feeling dismayed.”It’s as if Chinatown is now synonymous with the word ‘dirty’,” he stated.He explained that Chinatowns around the world are a “window to China”, and is an area of great importance, especially for homesick Chinese immigrants.Zeinsg, who mentioned having stayed in the US for a period of time, added his observation that Chinatowns in cities such as Manhattan and Queens in New York have also fallen into the same dirty predicament.He added that he would often eat in Singapore’s Chinatown with friends as the food there is often the most authentic, outside of China.”But with the environment of Chinatown in such a state, I really don’t understand,” said Zeinsg.”I can only say to everyone who’s outside of their country, please mind your behaviour.”In the comments to the video, many viewers seemed shocked by the depressing state of Singapore’s Chinatown, but the comments quickly turned into a blame game of who should be held responsible.ALSO READ: ‘It’s pretty rundown’: Shop owners hope to retire with People’s Park Centre up for collective salecandicecai@asiaone.comRead More

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