‘We don’t need luxury trips’: Evelyn Tan says life after marriage is ‘plenty exciting’

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‘We don’t need luxury trips’: Evelyn Tan says life after marriage is ‘plenty exciting’

July 21, 2022published at 4:18 AMByKhoo Yi-HangFormer actress Evelyn Tan has taken a backseat in showbiz since taking on the full-time role of motherhood in 2005, but she revealed in the latest episode of the meWATCH variety show A Night Under The Stars — hosted by her husband Darren Lim — that her life is still full of colour.The 45-year-old married Darren in March 2004 and she gave birth to their daughter in January 2005. Today, the couple have four children: Kristen, Jairus, Way and Elliot, but the duo is still living their best life.Said Evelyn in the show: “I think that my life after I married [Darren] has been plenty exciting. What I want to pursue in life is a host of experiences, and Darren, the adventurer that he is, has really made that happen. He’s shown us the world.”Between 2012 and 2016, the actress and her 49-year-old husband lived primarily on the latter’s boat, sailing the high seas and exploring the world together with their children.The original itinerary was to sail to Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Japan, the couple said in an interview with The New Paper in July 2015.However, they cut short their plans in 2016 when Kristen had to focus on her PSLE in 2017.[[nid:588623]]But to Evelyn, even though sailing around the world helped her achieve her pursuit of “a host of experiences”, there are things she wants back home as well.The activities that they did in A Night Under The Stars helped to bring the family closer together — a result that both Evelyn and Darren viewed as a “success”.”The last time we were all gathered in the same room, [the children] were all still really young,” she said. “[The activities] really brought us back to that experience all those years ago — it made me feel all warm and fuzzy.”Evelyn also explained that watching a sunrise together is a rare thing because she had a different sleep cycle from Darren and the two prefer waking at different timings.For the show, Darren managed to wake up early, all “for the sake of having the entire family watch the sunrise”.”We don’t need luxury trips,” Evelyn said. “Even spending our time together doing simple things is more than enough for me.”READ ALSO: ‘I realised she didn’t seem to need me anymore’: Chen Xiuhuan learns to let go as daughter grows upkhooyihang@asiaone.comRead More

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