“Les 12 coups de midi”: Yaël eliminated the day after the discovery of the mysterious star

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“Les 12 coups de midi”: Yaël eliminated the day after the discovery of the mysterious star

Not sure that Yaël is going to Fontainebleau soon. It is partly because of this city that the champion of the 12 Coups de midi was eliminated on Wednesday 27 July. After two wrong answers in the second round of the game hosted by Jean-Luc Reichmann, the noon master chose to face Mehdi, one of the two candidates facing him. The challenger then had to answer the following question: which castle adored by François Ier was also the main residence of Napoleon Ier and the place of baptism of Napoleon III?

After 25 participations and the discovery of Bérénice Béjo behind the boxes of the mysterious star the day before, Yaël was dethroned since “Fontainebleau”, the answer given by Mehdi, was the correct one. The champion took the opportunity to thank the program teams, his children, and also had a few words for Jean-Luc Reichmann. “If you hadn’t been so nice and funny, I think I would have cracked up before. When I start to feel bad, I leave, I’m not the type to force myself. There, I immediately felt good among you. I spent almost an incredible month,” he testified. he had to play with Yaël on his set. “You are an extra, ordinary being, in two words. This program allowed you to put yourself forward in all humility, ”said Jean-Luc Reichmann. Mehdi, the player who made the stretcher-bearer waver, has in turn become midday master, and now has 1,500 euros in his kitty.

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