The age of asylum seekers is determined using dental X-rays

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The age of asylum seekers is determined using dental X-rays

In recent months, he has been investigating several methods that would help the authorities to better determine the age of asylum seekers.

Four supposedly scientific methods – possibly including dental X-rays – will be proposed to estimate the age of asylum seekers in the UK, despite concerns from researchers and health authorities that there is no accurate way to determine someone’s age.According to three sources familiar with the report, the methods will be proposed in a report compiled by the British Home Office’s Scientific Advisory Committee on Dating. According to New Scientist, the committee has been looking into several methods in recent months to help officials better determine the age of asylum seekers. The issue gained more and more space after the British government attempted to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda.The Home Office said it would not take unaccompanied children to Rwanda, but charity workers argued that children wrongly classified as over 18 had already been ordered to be deported.New Scientist previously reported that a Home Office committee is focusing on dental dating, analyzing wrist bones and using blood or saliva samples to detect age-related chemical changes in DNA. Sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, have now told the paper that the committee will recommend the use of four scientific methods in addition to the current interview-based dating. DNA is no longer considered, and instead the committee recommends two techniques, one based on X-rays and the other two based on MRI. One controversial method uses dental X-rays and is based on the assumption that teeth mature at a constant rate. However, the British Dental Association (BDA) previously called the method inaccurate.”If the government goes ahead with dental age checks, it will be a mistake. These are not scientific methods, but reckless schemes that fail basic tests of accuracy and ethics. The inevitable result will be that vulnerable child migrants will pay the price.” – said Eddie Crouch, a representative of the BDA. Another method that is likely to be recommended is to analyze the maturity of the clavicles, using either MRI scans or X-rays. “It’s a marker that matures much later. If we see that someone’s clavicle is more mature, we can be more confident that they are over 18. But this measurement is not perfect and can still only tell someone’s age within a five-year range , which can include ages over and under 18” – said another source of the newspaper. The British Home Office said it would not comment on the contents of the report, only that it would be published “in due course”.Hardware, software, tests, interesting and colorful news from the world of IT by clicking here!

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