Who is the new Indian guy in Never Have I Ever? Meet Anirudh Pisharody

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Who is the new Indian guy in Never Have I Ever? Meet Anirudh Pisharody

After more than a year since the release of season 2, the first trailer for Never Have I Ever’s long-awaited third season has finally arrived. The new teaser offers up a glimpse of the romantic drama facing Devi in season 3 as she finds herself in a relationship with her long-time love interest, Paxton, but matters are complicated by the arrival of a new handsome ‘Indian guy’ – as Devi’s friend Fabiola describes him. But just who is this new Indian guy in season 3 of Never Have I Ever and who is the actor playing him? ALSO ON NETFLIX: WHO IS DENNY IN VIRGIN RIVER AND WHAT IS HE SECRETLY UP TO?Never Have I Ever: Season 3 | Official Trailer | NetflixBridTV10989Never Have I Ever: Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflixhttps://i.ytimg.com/vi/d_N99x0gAAk/hqdefault.jpg10635981063598center13872Trailer drops for Never Have I Ever season 3 The first trailer for Never Have I Ever season 3 landed online on July 27, 2022, just over two weeks prior to the show’s return on August 12. Following the events of season 2, the new chapter sees Indian-American teenager Devi now firmly in a relationship with Paxton Hall-Yoshida and together, the couple are the talk of the school. However, Devi still feels like she is missing something in her life and doubts begin to creep in about her relationship with Paxton and whether they really should be together. Matters are complicated further by the arrival of a new kid on the block, and despite being told that he’s a bit of a dork, this new Indian guy turns out to be a handsome hunk and a potential fourth element to Never I Have Ever’s existing love triangle (better make that a square now). Never Have I Ever © NetflixWho is the new Indian guy in Never Have I Ever? The new Indian guy in Never Have I Ever season 3 is called Nirdesh, or Des for short. Des is the son of one of Devi’s mother’s friends and we see in the trailer that Devi is only allowed to attend a house party if she agrees to let him come along. As Des goes to an elite private school, Devi believes that the new character will be a huge dork but that presupposition is thrown out of the door when the handsome new arrival walks in and jaws are left firmly on the floor. With Devi already in the middle of a love triangle with Ben and Paxton, Des’s arrival looks set to complicate matters even further. Never Have I Ever © NetflixWho is playing Nirdesh in Never Have I Ever? Taking on the role of Nirdesh in season 3 of Never Have I Ever is actor Anirudh Pisharody. The actor made only made his onscreen debut in 2017 and has gone on to appear in almost 30 roles since then. TV fans will most likely recognise Anirudh from his role in Fox’s 9-1-1 where he plays Ravi Panikkar while the actor has also appeared in Totally TV, Chicken Girls, The Goldbergs, Last Man Standing, Killer Competition and Morgan’s Secret Admirer. As well as Never Have I Ever, Anirudh has also been cast in the upcoming third season of the ABC series Big Sky as a new arrival called Luke. Like most actors in the modern industry, Anirudh Pisharody is highly active on social media, most notably Instagram, where he currently has just over 33,000 followers, but that is only likely to increase with a prominent role in Never Have I Ever. This content could not be loaded View Instagram Post Fans discuss new Indian guy Following the release of the new trailer, it hasn’t taken long for fans to take to social media and offer up their thoughts on Anirudh Pisharody’s arrival in the series. One fan on Twitter wrote: “The new Indian guy in Never Have I Ever season 3 is so hot omg.” While another added: “I’m team new Indian guy after watching the trailer of Never Have I Ever season 3.” Over on YouTube, this fan commented: “Mindy [Kaling] knows how to play with our teams doesn’t she? Paxton. Ben. New Indian boy. I’m so ready to binge this season in 24 hours and wait another year for season 4.” This fan also wrote: “A 3rd love interest, an Indian love interest to be precise, is exactly what I wanted. Mindy Kaling, you’re in my head.” “I haven’t even watched Never Have I Ever but I need Anirudh’s character to get the girl,” said this Twitter user. And finally, this fan has been tempted to watch the show by the new arrival: “Anirudh is in Never Have I Ever? It’s been on my watchlist for a while.” Never Have I Ever © Lara Solanki | Netflix Season 3 of Never Have I Ever arrives on Netflix on Friday, August 12, 2022.In other news, How and why did Anonymous target Hunter Moore?Read More

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