In this nursing home, we don't do crosswords, we brew beer

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In this nursing home, we don't do crosswords, we brew beer


The residents of this retirement home near Vienna, Austria, make beer. Every week they produce 50 liters.

BEER – Playing cards, stretching? In this Austrian retirement home, we prefer to get together to… brew beer. The ritual takes place every Thursday morning and the boarders wouldn’t miss it for the world, as you can see in the video above. “We meet, we talk about the making of beer, we make jokes and here is another day gone by… a beautiful day! “, tells AFP, everything smile, Rupert Jaksch, 87 years old.

The adventure began two years ago in this bright and flowery residence, located on the outskirts of the Austrian capital, to entertain a few one of the 300 occupants. “This is one example among many of activities allowing residents to train their motor skills, to exercise their brains”, underlines Christoph Gruber, who manages the project within the structure, Kuratorium Wiener Pensionisten-Wohnhaeuser (KWP). It is he who, with the help of residents and staff members, carries out the various stages of production: mixing malt with water, cooking, adding yeast…

The Viennese tradition at the heart of the project

The result is two types of beers, including one named “Oma” (Granny) and “Opa” (Papi) based on a Viennese recipe from 1841 and using exclusively Austrian ingredients, proudly explains Christoph Gruber. “I like its slightly sweet taste”, confides Rupert Jaksch, while savoring a refreshing sip.

At his side, retirees – who had never experienced beer brewing before this project – conscientiously affix the labels. Thanks to this, every week, 50 liters come out of the vats to fill 150 bottles, sold for two euros each in the group’s 30 canteens in Vienna. For the moment, there is no expansion in sight even if the drink is often out of stock as it is popular.

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