Instagram is evolving, but is it for the worse?

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Instagram is evolving, but is it for the worse?

The world of Meta, that is, the social networks belonging to the Facebook ecosystem, is constantly evolving, receiving new designs, new features, among other things, almost every week.

)However, as you may know, not all evolution is a good evolution. An excellent example of this is Instagram… A platform that was once able to break the dominance from the old Facebook, but now, it seems just and just a shadow of what it once was.

Instagram is losing strength to TikTok, a platform of the social network type, which is even hitting the foot to the giant Google. However, all this raises a very important question.

Is Facebook killing Instagram?
      Instagram is serving bitoques to those who want picanha

    Instagram is evolving, but is it for the worse?

    So Facebook has always had a craze ‘ugly‘ in his pursuit of the ever-desired success. After all, every time there is a new feature or trend on the Internet, Facebook (now Meta) tries to buy the company that created it, or, if that attempt fails, imitates that same feature as quickly as possible.

    This is how Facebook bought Instagram, later imitated Snapchat, and of course, more recently, it also started imitating TikTok.

    However, with the arrival of TikTok, it seems that things have changed a bit for Facebook, and for all its social media and mobile platforms. TikTok is not for sale, and it seems that imitation is not having a great success either.

    After all, it is every increasingly obvious that TikTok has revolutionized the way we consume content on the Internet. After all, nowadays, young people don’t even go to Google to see new and interesting places to have their meals… Go to TikTok!

    The world is really changing, which is exactly why Facebook is trying to reinvent itself to stay relevant. As? By imitating TikTok, of course. But while that makes sense for the old blue platform, which has been falling by the wayside, and at the moment, is mostly populated by older users, it seems to be a move that makes little sense for Instagram.

    In fact, in the opinion of many users, the many attempts to strengthen Instagram, only spoiled it for its target audience, the younger ones.

    That is, at this moment, with all the strength that TikTok is gaining. It would not be surprising to see the same phenomenon that we saw on Facebook now happening with Instagram. But here, it’s not the fault of trends, or time… It’s really Facebook’s fault, which doesn’t know what it’s doing.

    Also, what do you think about all this? Do you think Instagram will fall by the wayside? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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