“Renaissance”: Beyoncé thanks her fans for waiting to listen to the album, despite the leaks

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“Renaissance”: Beyoncé thanks her fans for waiting to listen to the album, despite the leaks

Broadcast on the web 48 hours before its release, Beyoncé’s album was officially released last night. Out of respect for the singer, fans waited to listen to her.

“The album leaked, but you waited for the real release, to enjoy it all together. I don’t I’ve never seen anything like it”, rejoiced Beyoncé this Friday on Twitter. While her long-awaited album, Renaissance, was just released last night, the singer wanted to thank her fans for their patience.

“Thank you for being patient”

The album had indeed leaked 48 hours earlier, after an unfortunate display in supermarkets in France. On social networks, fans had immediately called to wait to listen to the album, until the release was official.

“I can never thank you enough for that”, writes Beyoncé again on Twitter. “Thank you for exposing those who tried to infiltrate the club in advance. It means a lot to me”.

“Thank you for being patient,” she continues. “I will continue to do my best to bring you joy.

” Patience is a virtue”, had published the popstar on Thursday, a few hours after the leak on the social networks of Renaissance. A way to invite his fans to wait before tasting his album, the first solo since 2016.

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