Tourists, shocked by the breakfast they received at a hotel in Eforie Nord: “It's the last time I will stay at their place”

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Tourists, shocked by the breakfast they received at a hotel in Eforie Nord: “It's the last time I will stay at their place”

It is simply outrageous what situations Romanian tourists end up facing. More and more compatriots are reporting the spikes they are taking. Even after taking substantial amounts of money out of their pockets to enjoy a few days of peace and relaxation. The breakfast served at a hotel in the Eforie Nord resort left the Romanians simply shocked. This is the situation reported by a Romanian woman!

Romanians are getting more and more spikes

The spikes that Romanians take on vacations are starting to multiply. Not only abroad, but also in our country. This is also the case of a Romanian family who decided to spend their vacation in a hotel in the Eforie Nord resort. Moreover, more and more citizens began to opt for this destination, to the detriment of the Mamaia resort. The family I mentioned stayed at the same hotel in the past. The conditions were, then, at least decent. For this reason, tourists decided to book with the same owners. Only, this time, the disappointment was so great that the mother of the family made the situation public. She later claimed that she would never set foot in the hotel again because of it. A night’s accommodation at the Casa Ani hotel in Eforie Nord cost Romanians 370 lei. The cost that tourists had to pay was more expensive than the last time they stayed here. However, the owners promised breakfast included in the price, so the Romanians were willing to make a compromise. Everything worked perfectly. Until the moment of accommodation. Apart from the fact that there were toilet malfunctions in the reserved rooms, the tourists’ breakfast was almost non-existent. The plate was nowhere near something you should eat for a light and tasty breakfast.

The small breakfast served at a hotel in Eforie Nord

“We are not the type of people to leave bad reviews. But now it is not possible. We stayed at Hotel Casa Ani in Eforie Nord. I spoke to the lady on the phone, I told her that we are 3 couples + 1 3-year-old child. Everything is fine and dandy, he told us that now breakfast is included in the price. I should point out that two years ago I was there before and they didn’t have a restaurant yet. You were cooking. It was perfect! When he told me that the price has increased, but breakfast is included, it was even more perfect. We were glad not to go to the beach with an empty stomach. Everything was perfect, until we went to eat in the morning”, the Romanian tourist began her message.

  • The breakfast enjoyed by the hotel’s clients consisted, on all four days of their stay, of: a Double up Big Cake with cocoa, a boiled egg, a sausage (it was replaced on the fourth day with a panel cheese) and a yogurt . Along with these were other small additions, such as jam, melted cheese and honey, in quantities that would not have been able to satisfy a hungry man.The problems, however, extended beyond the consistency of the breakfast, according to the accounts of the Romanian tourist. “The next day they informed me that the child did not receive breakfast. Because I didn’t pay for it. I told Mr. “patron”, who was very curmudgeon, he started arguing, that it doesn’t seem normal to me. I paid exactly what his wife told me for the room. Of course he started yelling at me in front of everyone, “that’s what you paid for, that’s what you eat”. It’s the last time I step on them. We got the same breakfast every morning. I used to want to throw up when I saw the same food. I have been to many places with my husband and child. I never paid extra for it. I was paying for the room as it was and there it was included. Am I too sensitive and have too high expectations? It was vegetable season. He could beautifully put tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, etc. I’m not talking about the conditions anymore, the fence is painted outside and the leopard is inside. The water in the toilet didn’t work, ants in the room… It’s true, the pool is beautiful. But it’s still so much money for one night, for some poor conditions”, concluded the Romanian, in a message published on the Facebook page “I was there (reviews, accommodation, restaurants, visits)”. Read More

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