Cardi B gets called out by Lady Leshurr for not giving her credit or royalties for sample

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Cardi B gets called out by Lady Leshurr for not giving her credit or royalties for sample

Cardi B is getting her 2015 track ‘Cheap AWeave’ taken down from streaming services after sampled rapper Lady Leshurr called her out for not giving her a credit or a single penny in royalties.In light of Kelis laying into Beyonce for not giving her any credit for using a sample of her 2003 hit ‘Milkshake’ on her ‘Renaissance’ track ‘Energy’, British rapper Leshurr has had some back-and-forth with the ‘WAP’ hitmaker over her using a beat from her 2015 song ‘Queen’s Speech 4’The exchange began with Leshurr tweeting a follower: “You mind asking Cardi if she can break me off a likkle change she used my beat/idea before her big break and is now a millionaire and I got paid 0. (sic)”Cardi, 29, then responded claiming she made all but $2 from it and offered to split the abysmal earnings with the 34-year-old star.She wrote back: “I made like 2 dollars of that song … you want the other dollar?”Leshurr insisted she was more “mad” about not receiving a credit.She wrote back: “would b nice but tbh I just wanted my credit and it’s mad I had to tweet banter 4 a response when I dm u years ago about it.“I was cool wen I thought it was just YT cover but it’s on streaming sites as ‘cheap azz weave’ nw and urs comes up b4 mine so yes dollar and credit pls. (sic)”Cardi – who broke into the mainstream with her 2017 hit ‘Bodak Yellow’ – promised Leshurr she would have ‘Cheap AWeave’ removed from all streaming sites and YouTube and give her the dollar.She said: “I don’t find the song on apple but if it’s on any streaming service I will be makin sure it’s takin down including YouTube,.I will also make sure I send you your dollar. (sic)”Read More

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