Grand Forum du Patrimoine: the meeting place for all CGPIs

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Grand Forum du Patrimoine: the meeting place for all CGPIs


GrandForumPatrimoine 410 200GrandForumPatrimoine 410 200

GrandForumPatrimoine 410 200 The Grand Forum du Patrimoine to be held at the Palais des Congrès in Paris on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 is expecting more than a thousand visitors. With this year, a spotlight on philanthropy.

Shaky financial markets , an overstretched real estate sector, a tax system full of uncertainties, performance at half mast… Today, the task is proving complex for wealth management advisers who are increasingly looking for information and networking.

It is to meet these needs that the magazine Gestion de Fortune organizes for the 3rd consecutive year the GrandForumPatrimoine 410 200Grand Forum du Patrimoine , with the help of professional associations. It will be held at the Palais des Congrès in Paris GrandForumPatrimoine 410 200 on Tuesday, June 11, 2019.

The wealth management ecosystem

More than a thousand professionals heritage are expected during this day which will concentrate, in a single place and a single day, about fifteen workshops *, training and conferences, all punctuated by a GrandForumPatrimoine 410 200 convivial lunch . Between two workshops, visitors will be able to meet their partners in a space of 2,000 m2 dedicated to exhibitors.

Several companies have already announced their arrival. Let us quote Unik Capital, a Luxembourg asset which develops an original offer of funds to invest in European real estate assets, but also the developer GrandForumPatrimoine 410 200 Vinci Immobilier Patrimoine, favorite company of the CGPIs in 2019 in the Residential real estate developers category at List of suppliers .

GrandForumPatrimoine 410 200Philanthropy in the spotlight

GrandForumPatrimoine 410 200Finally, this year, the Grand Forum du Patrimoine has a surprise in store with the presentation of the 1st Philanthropy Wealth Management Grand Prize.

For more information, visit the website GrandForumPatrimoine 410
Also visit our twitter accounts @GrandForum2019 and @GestionFortune for follow the news of the #GrandForum2019.

*The workshops will cover the entire field of action of the profession:
– new real estate opportunities (dismemberment, life annuity, furnished)
– the stone-paper – private equity

– life insurance under French and Luxembourg law
– employee and retirement savings – SRI
– passive management/active management – funds s structured- thematic funds
– absolute performance anti-shock funds
– the IFI – company treasury
– the patrimonial credit
– digitization of the practice.

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