Lavelanet. Ambitious “yellow and black” resumed training

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Lavelanet.  Ambitious “yellow and black” resumed training

the essentials Training has started at Stade Lavelanétien. There is a month and a half left to be fully competitive

Friday, the “yellow and black” put on their crampons. Stage III hosted the first contact, presentation of new and first gallops towards the nearby forest, followed by some physical movements in an already studious atmosphere. But everything will go crescendo and very quickly, you will have to be in physical shape, but also technical during the Voivenel Cup, an evening of which will take place on Saturday August 27 at the Paul-Bergère stadium, in Lavelanet; and the championship under its new formula, with a kick-off given on September 18 and from the outset a trip to a derby in Mirepoix. At the helm of training, a quartet of coaches, Benoît Puigserver, Anthony Despaux, Donat Despaux, and Arnaud Molini. Their objective, to ensure that the two groups which will be called upon to defend the colors of the Stadium, either as a flag team or as a reserve team, become one and that it is competitive.“We are very pleased to see so many of you, we are going to start preparing to be efficient from the start with this trip to Mirepoix, Benoît Puigserver told the players during the briefing which preceded the first sweats. I repeat, to get back in shape, it’s through work in training, I repeat it to you, we play as we train”.

Two weekly training sessions

A good season depends on preparation, attendance at training, investment and listening. Two regular and serious weekly training sessions will now keep the players of Stade Lavelanétien busy. During this first gallop, we could see the presence of last season’s group, new players, and many young people from the RPO rugby school that the centenary club of the country of Olmes will launch in the big bath. All visibly very motivated to continue the reconstruction and restore the shine to the yellow and black colors. The Voivenel Cup will come as the first challenge of this start of the season. “We will have to be ready at that time, there is no question of being late for the ignition, and especially for the first league match with this derby in Mirepoix”, warns Kévin Despaux, the 3rd line and captain of Stade Lavelanétien . Until then, an internship will be scheduled, it will strengthen the links with the three strokes of the championship.
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