Noodles. The Loop of the Nine Ewes, walk to the origins of the village

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Noodles.  The Loop of the Nine Ewes, walk to the origins of the village

the essentials Among the many loops offered in the Sicoval sector, this two-hour walk offers a route through local history and legend.

From Noueilles, a short hike of less than two hours (6.6 km) is offered to walkers. The meeting point is on the village square, at the foot of the steeple-wall so characteristic of the Saint-Pierre church, built at the beginning of the 19th century to replace the old church, considered too small and which was in danger of ruin. Some setbacks accompanied the construction site, in particular the collapse of the bell tower, barely fifteen years after its inauguration, which gave rise to its reconstruction in its contemporary form in 1852.

L ‘itinerary

Take rue des Platanes in the direction of Pouze, continue left at the Virgin crossroads then left again to take rue du Barry which you will leave at the first bend to continue straight on a pretty grassy path. The path goes down to the Toueil footbridge, which you have to cross to go up towards Issus and the point of Las Costes, where you come out on the D68. Turn right, and follow the departmental road to the Los Bouèmios crossroads, where you turn right towards Pouze, passing through Jassé and Les Oustalets. Immediately after the Château de Beauvent, at the first intersection, take the D 40 to the right to return to Noueilles. Along the way, you can stop at the old drinking trough of Souleilha de Luquet, restored about fifteen years ago. After Sarapit and La Sapinette, we go up towards the Grèzes, where we can see the 18th century castle at the end of the private road. Continue towards Noueilles, along the road lined with fir trees which lets you see, at the bend of one or the other bend, the bell tower which indicates the very close arrival. One question remains: why the “Nine Sheep Loop”? Easy ! Once upon a time there was a shepherdess, with her nine sheep (nòu oelhas in Occitan)… A nice legend, coming from the depths of time, explains the name of the village. A beautiful story that the Noueillois quickly appropriated, even if the toponymic truth is much more banal: the name of the village quite simply comes from the Latin “novellus”, which means “newly cleared place”. Shame ! There is still the pretty name of this walk!
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