Risk. Toros: the great lineage of French breeding

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Risk.  Toros: the great lineage of French breeding

the essentials Riscle is hosting the second bullfight on the banks of the Adour this Saturday. It is placed under the sign of French breeding.

Last year it was a gamble…successful. The adventure continues on Saturday August 6 in Riscle, still with bulls from Jean-Louis Darré’s Camino de Santiago. Project manager, Stéphane Fernandez Meca who imagined an original cartel. At the start, the day was to be spent under the aegis of Juan-José Padilla and his protege, Manuel Perera. But between the two men the quarrel arose… No more Perera, no more Padilla! But the recomposition of the cartel will allow some people an extraordinary discovery… Angel Tellez. Admittedly, he was at Mont-de-Marsan where his failure to die must not hide his great qualities which allowed him to cut off two ears from Victoriano del Rio in Madrid and to assert himself as one of the triumphs of the San Isidro. For Riscle, who will also welcome David de Miranda and the Frenchman “El Rafi”, it is an event. For the breeder Jean-Louis Darré, it’s a new brand image to have two bulls that will be fought by such a star. The second bullfight on the banks of the Adour promises to be particularly attractive, as the two co-presidents, Eric Célestin and Pascal Comans, wanted in the respect of ethics.

Four novillos

It is the culmination of a very complete bullfighting day. Everything will start in the morning with a meeting of “aficionados practicos” with, four novillos, followed by a festive and gastronomic part until the paseo of 6 p.m. For Raphaël Raucoule, after the five ears cut in four races, Riscle appears to be essential to breathe new life into his season. This is also what David de Miranda will pursue. Since his grand finale in Madrid in 2019 he has been looking for new success to relaunch his career. The three bullfighters play an essential card for the future… It is somewhat the same for the breeder. Last year he presented a new line of Camino, refreshed with Albarréal blood. She had seduced by her presentation. Andy Younes had cut off the only ear of the day. It remains today for Jean-Louis and Romain Darré to transform this test. The Riscle corrida is also placed under the sign of the French breeding very present in the South-West during this season, thus three days later, Robert Margé bulls will be on the sand of Villeneuve-de-Marsan. Recently, Mont-de-Marsan presented an excellent batch of novillos from Philippe Cuillé while Aignan had opened the ball, at Easter, with Pages-Mailhan which allowed a double outing in triumph.

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