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Name: Kristian Oma

Age: 44

Position: Head of Sports in Viaplay Group Norway

– Where are you going on holiday this year?

– Bergen, the Hardangerfjord, the Amalfi coast and the mountains in Sudndalen. And the terrace at home in Oslo.

– What are you most looking forward to when you now kick off the Premier League rights?

– Personally, I am most looking forward to seeing that all the thousands of pieces of the puzzle that have been put together in recent years through planning, studio construction, recruitment, technique etc. will now turn into a sweeping Premier Leauge product. There are an enormous number of good employees who will now be given the answer to whether there is a match between theory and practice. But glory, the sports enthusiast in me is also looking forward to seeing the fight between City and Liverpool at the top, Ødegaard as Arsenal captain and Bryne beast Erling Haaland looking for goals.

– You organize an excursion this summer and invite three guests. Who do you take with you, what do you eat and where do you go?

– Now I have become so old that there are quite a few lovely people from the years when you were a young adult that you almost never see anymore. I could well imagine meeting some of them again, preferably at a cabin with time to cook a long-roasted leg of lamb. Then we would talk warmly about that time and the way to now. I suspect that not everything has gone as planned for any of us.

– What are you good at and what are you bad at?

– I am an indomitable optimist who sees life as bright. Some believe it is a strength, others call it boundless naivety.

– Both the prices and the interest rates on the mortgage are increasing. What will be the first thing to wear out if you have to tighten the waist belt?

– Without having checked thoroughly, I think the Foodora budget has gone a little out of control in the last six months, so I could probably start there.

– NRK recently deleted the Facebook page of NRK Nyheter with over half a million followers. Was it right and should more media follow suit?

– Most people will probably be reluctant to give up a platform where they can talk directly to half a million. But NRK is financed from the tax bill, and can make such choices without having to think about commercial consequences. Whether it’s right or wrong, I don’t know, but at least it’s done tough!

– Why is fast track okay at the airport, but not at Tusenfryd ?

– If we are to teach our children that everyone is of equal worth, no one can buy such an advantage. It’s disturbing. At Gardermoen, they have their own fast track for families, so the real differences can well wait until our children are a little older and more reflective.

– Princess Ingrid Alexandra is turned 18 and the first girlfriend announcements have already been published. Does the Palace have to accept that the media turn over every stone in the princess’s privacy?

– It is early to have such a focus as an 18-year-old, but I reckon the Castle has resource people who can balance this. Without the sensationalist press, the royal family would almost just be pictures put up in front of the Christmas tree and politically correct social engagement. I think in any case social media is a much bigger challenge for royals and celebrities than editor-controlled media.

– Who has the biggest PR job ahead of them if they are to correct his image?

– It’s rarely pretty now when it comes to strikes, money, angry customers and steep fronts. But after everything that was said and done when it boiled over the most this summer, SAS probably needs some time to restore trust both internally and externally.

– The Speaker of the Storting will be yours for a day. Which issue would you highlight as the most important?

– I read a huge book this summer by Camara Lundestad Joof called “I talk about it all the time”. About how racism is still around us in all possible forms, both in ill-considered language and preconceived attitudes. At the lectern, I should have asked for that book to be included in the syllabus at upper secondary school.

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