Amazon leaves the field of cloud storage to Google Drive and Co

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Amazon leaves the field of cloud storage to Google Drive and Co

Amazon has become practically synonymous with online shopping over the past few years, but Jeff Bezos’ company doesn’t just make a fortune with physical goods. Huge parts of the internet are stored on servers operated by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Of course, this power is also dangerous, because a small failure can have major consequences.

Private end customers also had the option of storing data on Amazon’s hard drives. The product called “Amazon Drive” will be discontinued after eleven years at the end of 2023, as The Verge reports. Parallel to Google Drive, Dropbox and Co., files can be loaded into the cloud via app or browser and accessed at any time.

Prime members can upload unlimited photos in full resolution

Instead, the company wants to limit itself to Amazon Photos. Prime members can already enjoy unlimited storage space for photos in full resolution and nothing should change on this model. “We are taking this opportunity to focus our efforts more on Amazon Photos to provide our customers with a dedicated photo and video storage solution,” Amazon said.

While the unlimited upload of photos to the Amazon cloud is included in the Prime subscription, videos are charged quickly. Customers can choose between packages from 100 GB for EUR 1.99 per month up to 30 TB for almost EUR 3,000 per year. With Google Photos, images can only be uploaded in unlimited quality in reduced quality, full quality is counted towards the storage space. Even for its own Pixel smartphones, Google is no longer an exception.

Files in Amazon Drive until the end 2023 available

Even if your files in Amazon Drive are still available to you by the deadline on 31. December 2023 will be available for download, there are other important dates to consider. From 31. January 2023 no more files can be uploaded. After 31. October 2022 the corresponding apps should also disappear from the Google Play Store or App Store.

Since I’m personally stuck in the Google world anyway, I rarely look for an alternative to Google Drive searched. Maybe things are different for you and you will miss Amazon Drive?


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