Google Calendar will probably be slimmed down by one more function

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Google Calendar will probably be slimmed down by one more function

I have hardly organized anything in my life as well as my Google calendar. How else would I know when to be where? I entered practically all appointments and meetings there. But beyond the simple entry of appointments, the service (at least for now) offers other functions such as reminders and tasks.

Reserved for the Android and iOS apps and therefore completely unnoticed by me so far, the “goals” also exist. They were introduced in 2016 but may soon have reached the end of their journey.

At least that’s what a recent APK teardown suggests the colleagues from 9to5Google. That means:

This is a teardown:

    In a so-called teardown, the source code of a new app version is analyzed for changes. Text modules and other information about new functions often appear at an early stage. At this point, however, it is rarely possible to say when and if the innovations discovered will actually be made available to users. The situation is similar with other leaks of future app versions.

Personal goals for self-optimization

The goals were or are still intended for various, recurring tasks that should make your life better overall. For example:

  • Sports
  • Learning something new
  • Friends and family
  • Time for me
  • Organize my life

    In these categories you can either choose from predefined goals or enter your own. In addition, the decision remains as to how often and at what time your smartphone should remind you.

    Google refers to events from goals

    But if you believe the signs the APK teardown, the targets will disappear soon. At least the possibility to create new ones – old ones will apparently remain, but will not be repeated anymore.

    Goals is leaving Calendar soon

    Google Calendar points to it instead to create an event – i.e. a classic appointment. After all, these can also be repeated at certain times and provided with notifications via push or e-mail.

    By the way: Also the last days of memories in Google calendars could be numbered. In any case, there is reason to assume that soon there will only be tasks.

    As already mentioned, I honestly wasn’t aware that this function existed in Google Calendar, so I can use it also hard to miss. But maybe it’s different for you?

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