Google Store is kicking out Stadia for new Pixel Buds Pro

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Google Store is kicking out Stadia for new Pixel Buds Pro

Google Store New York City Chelsea
Image: Google

It is always a good idea to look at devices and, above all, to be able to hold them in your hands before you buy them. So that Google does not have to rely on electronics stores, but can present its products in the way that best suits them, the first Google stores have recently been opened. One of them is in New York City’s Chelsea district.

One of the product worlds that Google is exhibiting there is the (reportedly struggling) cloud gaming service Stadia. As 9to5Google confirms, however, this “experience room” has now been canceled after it was still accessible until at least the end of June. At this point you will now find an experience area for the brand new Pixel Buds Pro. The other two rooms revolve around Nest gadgets and the camera capabilities of the latest pixel smartphones.

Image: Google

As 9to5Google goes on to say, the Stadia room provided the opportunity Try out Stadia games on a big screen TV using the appropriate Stadia controller on Pixel phones, Pixelbook Go or Chromecast Ultra. “The room featured lovely audio “domes” that created a personal listening space without headphones, as well as furniture to sit and enjoy the games,” the description reads.

Source: 9to5Google

Google: Change of room was planned

Meanwhile, Google has issued a statement saying that the Google store in New York City is intended to swap out the contents of its rooms from time to time. Also, there would still be an opportunity to try Stadia in store, namely on a TV with Chromecast with Google TV right at the entrance. It was switched off when the colleague from 9to5Google visited, but according to Google demos were available.

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