How to take smarter screenshots in Windows 10 and 11

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How to take smarter screenshots in Windows 10 and 11

Do you want to take a screenshot, i.e. save a picture of what you see on the screen? For example, this can be smart if you need support and want to see how it looks on your screen.

In Windows 10 and 11 there are many ways to go, but one tip is to memorize keyboard shortcuts Windows


+S, which opens the most useful tool.

Windows 11

    How to take screenshots directly

      The easiest way in both Windows 11 and Windows 10 is to use the Screen Clipping Tool (also called Cut & Sketch).

      HOW? Press the Start button, find the app Screen Clipping Tool

      and press New

      . You can also use the handy shortcut Windows

      + Shift

      +S. No matter how you do it, you will see five buttons:

        Take a rectangular screen clip of the area you are drawing by holding down the mouse button and dragging down.

        Does the same thing but lets you make the selection as a free form. Here, too, you draw the area you want to capture.

          Take a screenshot of the window you are pointing at.
          Save the entire screen image.

            Close the menu without taking any screenshot.

              Windows 11
              Windows 11 Windows 11

                Edit your screenshot…

                The screenshot you have taken can be used in any program by pasting (Ctrl


                ). You can also open the image in the Screen Clipping Tool to edit it.

                HOW? When you have taken a screenshot as above, you will see a notification at the bottom right. Click on it and the Screen Clipping Tool will open and you can do some simple editing. With the tools you can draw, highlight with a highlighter and erase with an eraser. You select the color and size of the tools using the respective down arrow. There is also a ruler for measuring, a tool for writing with a touch pen and a cropping tool. If you make a mistake, you can of course undo (and redo) with the last two buttons.

                Windows 11

                … and save or share

                  Whether you have edited your screenshot or not, you can save and share it.
                  HOW. Press the three dots at the top right of the Screen Clipping Tool and you can save, print or share the image with others via email, for example. You can also choose Open with

                  to edit the image in a more advanced image program.

                  Windows 11

                Use Delay

              1. An alternative to taking the screenshot immediately is to do it with a delay. This can be useful if you want to make some adjustment on the screen before taking the clip.

                HOW? Open the Screen Clipping Tool

                and select delay with the rightmost button. As you choose between different length of time. Then choose what kind of clip you want to take with the middle button and then press New

                . After the time you selected, the screen clip is now taken. In Windows 11 it is not taken directly, but instead opens the toolbox with five buttons (see above).

                Windows 11

                Windows 11
                  Use Print Screen smarter

                    By default, the Print Screen (PrintScrn) key is used to take a screenshot of the entire screen – and you can then paste it into any program. If this seems old-fashioned, you can choose to start the Screen Clipping Tool with the Print Screen key instead.

                    HOW? Open Settings

                    and select Accessories

                    , Keyboard. Scroll down to Use PrintScrn to start screen clipping

                    and enable the feature.

                    Windows 11

                      Save the screenshots directly

                        For those of you who want to take many screenshots in one go, the above methods may feel unnecessarily slow, but fortunately there is an alternative that is faster.

                        HOW? Press Windows


                        then a screenshot of the entire screen is automatically taken and it is saved in the folder Images

                        , Screenshots


                        Windows 11Use Action Center

                        In Windows 10, there is another way to start the screen clipping tool.

                        HOW? Tap on Action Center (bottom right of taskbar) click on Screen Clips .

                        Windows 11

                          Drive a classic.. .

                            Using the “new” tools is not a must – you can still use the classic way of taking a screenshot.

                            HOW? The Windows classic is the key Print Screen

                            (sometimes PrtScr

                            ). Press it, open any drawing program (Paint works fine) and paste with Ctrl



                              … in a single window

                                As you know, the tip above takes a picture of the entire screen. However, it is also possible to choose to only take a picture of the current window. This can be a good option if you have multiple screens.

                                HOW? Use the key combination Alt


                                and then do the same as above.

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