Over 300,000 have followed the last ever Allsang

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Over 300,000 have followed the last ever Allsang

Earlier this year, it became clear that there is an end to “Allsang på Grensen” after the current season. The announcement came shortly after NRK announced that they are dropping summer shows for the first time in 14 years. The last episode will be broadcast on Thursday evening.

Trygve Rønningen, channel director at TV 2, still does not think the time for summer programs like this we know they are over.

– Summer TV is not dead, and I am sure that both NRK and TV 2 will return with so-called summer programs in one form or another, also in the years is coming, says Rønningen to Campaign.

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– Natural to look at renewal

Rønningen is satisfied with the viewing figures for the last season of the singing program. On average, the program has 306,000 viewers, of which 61,000 have followed the season on TV 2’s streaming service, TV 2 Play. The most watched episode this year was episode one with 378,000 viewers, of which 85,000 via streaming.

– TV 2 will now evaluate the whole summer on TV 2, this also applies to “Allsang på Grensen” . We are satisfied with the viewing figures this season, and there has also been a formidable audience influx at the fortress, says Rønningen and continues:

– It is nevertheless natural that after 16 years we are looking at a renewal of this type of summer program on TV 2. I know there are ideas for further development of the Allsang format, but we must come back to this after our evaluation – and after we have discussed the ideas in more detail with the production.

He adds that such an evaluation is made of all programs that have been on the air for so many years.

Currently unknown 2023
When Kampanje chatted with Arne Helsingen, TV chief at NRK, late in May he told that NRK was working with new “minute by minute” concepts and that the plan is to carry out these projects every other year.

– I believe that we can continue with “minute by minute” broadcasts in long time, but it is important to renew oneself within that genre as well. We have several ideas on the block, Helsingen said at the time, without them having come to a conclusion yet.

TV 2 does not have its plans ready either, although a further development of the Allsang format has been mentioned.

– TV 2 will decide on all this early this autumn, once we have had a review. This also means that we have not yet decided on the summer menu for 2023, Rønningen concludes. Project manager for “Allsang på Grensen” in Halden, Heidi Ottesen Sandmo, tells Kampanje that the program has meant an enormous amount to Halden and the business world in the border town.

– In the program, Halden is emphasized both in the form of beautiful TV images of the city, but also through the presenters and artists saying that they are in Halden. The previous event calculator, which showed earnings for Halden of 27 million in 2017, has not been updated to date, says Ottesen Sandmo.

She also says that there has been a significant increase in visitors, expanded numbers guest days in addition to massive media coverage of Halden as a destination.

– Does Halden have any plans for how they will replace the programme?

– The latest program is broadcast tomorrow Thursday. After that, we will sit down to evaluate the Allsang season 2022 and start a creative process to look at the possibility of attracting as many audiences in the summers to come. It’s always strange when something ends. When a door closes, many new windows open, she concludes.

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