Samsung launches repair program with iFixit

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Samsung launches repair program with iFixit

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Samsung lanceert reparatieprogramma met iFixitSamsung lanceert reparatieprogramma met iFixit

Repair your Galaxy S21, thanks to a collaboration between Samsung and iFixit.

You can of course go to the store to have your phone repaired. But if you are handy you can also consider doing this yourself. You need the right tools and an understandable manual. Let’s just say that Samsung and iFixit have started a new collaboration.

This is a new repair program. Samsung supplies the parts, iFixit gives you the explanation. The Samsung Galaxy S20, S21 and the Galaxy Tab S7 Series are currently covered by the program. Unfortunately, this program has been launched within the United States. There is no indication that this will also come to the Netherlands. But you can probably get the parts including manual to your home address with a detour.

Hopefully there will be an expansion of the number of products. That is now a bit meager with the three devices mentioned. If you realize that Samsung has dozens of smartphones and tablets within the mobile spectrum alone, three feels a bit sketchy.

But hey, better than nothing, right? Handy Harrys can also save money this way. After all, it is cheaper to repair something yourself than to outsource it to a shop.

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