Train company fires janitor who allegedly filmed female passenger in restroom

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Train company fires janitor who allegedly filmed female passenger in restroom

Strain operator PT KAI says it has fired a janitor who is accused of peeping and filming a female passenger in the bathroom of Ciamis Station in West Java.The victim posted online that she was relieving herself at the station last Monday when she noticed a camera phone pointed at her through the lower gap of her cubicle. She then noticed that a male janitor was holding the phone in the cubicle next to hers.The janitor initially did not admit to peeping on the woman, but he eventually confessed when station officials and police got involved. Police have yet to announce charges against the janitor, but PT KAI says the alleged peeping tom has been fired from his job.“PT KAI conveys the deepest apologies to the victim. To show our commitment to providing optimal service to passengers, PT KAI has fired the janitor for the sexual harassment incident,” PT KAI Public Relations VP Joni Martinus said in a written statement today.The janitor has now been blacklisted from future employment opportunities with PT KAI.It’s not yet known how many women the janitor had peeped on before he was caught.Amid a spate of sexual harassment cases on railway facilities, PT KAI recently published a PSA informing victims not to hesitate to report culprits to train employees or by sending DMs to the company’s official social media accounts. PT KAI said it is committed to banning culprits for life and to aid victims in pressing criminal charges against them.Read More

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