A Google Maps error guides this car to a stream and miraculously saves its life

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A Google Maps error guides this car to a stream and miraculously saves its life

Sometimes it is not a very good idea to trust our navigation applications because a small error in the mapping data can lead us to a disaster.

Technology is here to stay, to make our lives much easier, and part of this technology is represented in applications that we can use at home, when we are at work or at university, or even in our vehicle .

And one of the most used applications in our vehicle is Google Maps, an app that allows us to guide us to our destination, and the problem is that there are people who blindly believe everything it tells them the application without questioning anything at all, to the point of driving their vehicle to a dangerous stream just because the application has pointed out that path.

And a driver in India who was transporting four people was heading from Ernakulam to Kumbanad and to find the best route to the destination he relied on Google Maps, as millions of people around the world do.

The problem is that the Google navigation application does not seemed to have a good day, to such an extent that he lost the driver himself and ended up with the car submerged in a stream.

And due to strong currents, the car quickly sank into the stream, so all the passengers began to scream waiting for someone to save them. Fortunately, nearby locals heard the situation and rushed to help all the passengers, including a three-month-old girl.

Although many blamed the situation to a small error in the algorithm and to the mapping data of Google Maps, the truth is that the main responsible is the driver, who must use common sense on the road.

From now on you may not have to take absolutely everything your navigation application tells you for granted, especially if you are in a place full of weeds and in the dark.

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