Beluga in the Seine: the option of euthanasia “discarded” because the animal still has “vigor”

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Beluga in the Seine: the option of euthanasia “discarded” because the animal still has “vigor”

The beluga, which has been in the Seine since last week, is still under observation in a lock northwest of Paris. Despite his weight loss and his refusal to eat, the option of euthanizing him has, for the moment, been set aside.

“We are still in the observation phase .” The beluga spotted last week in the Seine, and which has been in a lock northwest of Paris since Friday, still refuses to eat. But his condition does not yet require euthanasia, an option that had been considered, said Lamya Essemlali, president of Sea Shepherd France, this Sunday, on BFMTV.

“Euthanasia, which had been mentioned, was ruled out. Because it is an animal that still has vigor, is curious, interacting with its environment. We will do everything to maximize his chances of survival”, explained the associative activist.

Vitamins to open the ‘appetite

“The beluga adopts a calm behavior but it is very thin and presents cutaneous alterations due to its presence in fresh water”, specifies this Sunday the prefecture de l’Eure in a press release. Attempts to feed him with dead herring and then live trout “did not succeed”.

Local veterinarians specializing in wildlife then administered “vitamins and products likely to whet his appetite”, indicates the prefecture. “A fairly broad spectrum of antibiotics to help him fight against the pathologies he is likely to contract in the Seine” was also given to him, added Lamya Essemlali.

The president of Sea Shepherd France revealed that the NGO sent photos, videos and a description of the behavior of the beluga to a Quebec expert. The latter claimed that his lack of food is “the symptom of a disease which he could be carrying”. He is not “worried” about the animal’s skin changes, but they give an indication of the time he has spent in the Seine: given that they are not important, this means that he is not hasn’t been in the river for very long.

A water extraction

The The question now is “to know which way we take to bring it back to the sea”, indicated Lamya Essemlali. According to her, it is unlikely that he will be able to reach the sea by his own means or driven by boats.

One of the options is to extract him from the water. All the actors present on site are currently “working” on the “logistics” to be put in place in a very short time. Marineland trainers, “the only ones in France able to carry out this kind of operation”, and Spanish trainers who work with belugas, would then be dispatched.

The situation cannot , in any case, “not last”, for the president of the NGO. It is necessary to act “quickly”, because the animal can only stay “temporarily” in the lock, where the water is stagnant and warm.

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