Chocolate introduces his new girlfriend: “You are the most beautiful thing that has happened to me these days”

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Chocolate introduces his new girlfriend: “You are the most beautiful thing that has happened to me these days”

Chocolate MC has a new love, as he himself revealed by showing on his social networks who is the current owner of his heart.

The Cuban reggaeton used his Instagram account to introduce the young woman and from his own words it is inferred that the relationship between the two is recent.

“I imagine that the world must be amazed Well, everything happened very quickly, I imagine that many will criticize us, others will congratulate us, many will speak iniquities for harming us, but we, me and you, are creating a great team which will have no room for negativity and hatred, “wrote Chocolate next to a photo in which he looks very lovey-dovey with the girl.

“We made the decision to walk together on the same path until God does not allow it and I am very happy for that, Well, something tells me that it will be a success. Thank you for coming into my life, although you have always been”, he confessed in the same post.

Chocolate MC took out his romantic vein and added a few words dedicated to his girlfriend: “You are the most beautiful thing that It has happened to me during these times”.

La Menordd, as the young woman calls herself on her Instagram profile, also shared a publication in which she included a photo in which she and the Choco kiss in a very seductive way.

“Let them talk, criticize, fill themselves with hate, in short, nobody knows what we feel. Today I am happy thanks to you and it is the only thing that matters to me. I love you Yosvanis”, she wrote in the post on the social network.

Her confession of love did not go unnoticed by the King of Delivery People, who added a comment with “a lot of sugar” to the publication of his girl.

“You make me churrupia of cookie with ice cream. Really, my girl, ufff”, reacted the reggaeton player.

“Daddy, I’m going to you no matter what”; “Clean stone chocolate with mango bush”; “One is where he feels good and if he is with her, then that is it. beautiful couple”; “Speak, choco, you raised a tremendous piece”; “This one was not expected, not even the one who expects it. You threw away tankewe and if she’s a good jeva for lante and stays focused ”, were some of the comments left by her fans, many of whom were taken by surprise by the announcement, since they were unaware that she had separated from Daine, the mother of his daughter.

In the summer of 2021 the couple announced that they had separated, but during the period that the Choco served time in prison, some of her publications announced the reconciliation, confirmed after her release from prison.

Even last April, the reggaeton singer shared on her Instagram a photo of both of them kissing like two lovebirds and with a background song that seemed to have been written for her as well as the songs “Hasta la cajita” and “Frito en ti”.

For a moment Chocolate deleted the posts from his Instagram and surprised with this news.

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