E-cars: Not only the price is the problem

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E-cars: Not only the price is the problem

E-cars are too expensive, you hear that again and again. But does the price really bother German customers that much, or are there other factors?

There are so many myths surrounding electric cars. But of course the higher price is a deterrent, at least you might think so. However, this is currently being compensated for by generous subsidies. However, many people do not agree with the promotion. 59 percent of a survey are against it.

Curiously, however, 49 percent of those surveyed who want to buy an electric car are not averse to the premium. If you take it with you, it should be said more often at the regulars’ table. Nevertheless, 66 percent of those surveyed state that the higher price of electric cars is a hurdle for the purchase decision.

The chicken and egg thing: price alone is not the problem

This hurdle could be jumped if there weren’t other worries. Because almost as many people said in the Civey survey that the usually significantly lower range is a thorn in their side. Understandable. If I compare our ID.3 with our previous combustion engine, that’s a good 400 km less with a full tank and a full charge.

The lack of charging at home is still a bigger problem for 46 percent. At 54 percent the proportion of respondents who see a problem in the public charging network that needs to be better developed is even higher. Of course, there are also extreme regional conditions, which can vary greatly.

Finally, the nation is divided when it comes to the purchase of an e-car and its strong promotion to date. Personally, I still encounter false prejudices all too often. But I can also understand that many Germans would like to see less tax money used for luxury products.

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