Google Pixel: update failure, new leaks and more

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Google Pixel: update failure, new leaks and more

In the past few days there have been some leaks around Google Pixel. But even with the updates, everything went differently than expected. Our latest roundup.

We started the week with a very exciting leak for the upcoming October event. The new Google smartphones Pixel 7 and other new hardware will probably be available for pre-order in the first few days of the month. That means a very short wait for the next Pixel devices of just two months.

Google Pixel in the fall: rumors about the new devices

In the days that followed, further leaks to future devices followed. For example, the Hall sensor that Google is said to be reinstalling in the Pixel 7. Also, there might be a change in materials. The plan is probably to switch to ceramic for part of the housing of the Pixel 7 Pro. Or is there really a third Pixel 7 coming – the first Ultra?

I find the further details about the Pixel Notepad, which is known to be a foldable, particularly exciting. It’s back in the rumor mill and could be getting closer. Maybe we’ll find out more here next October. We also have to wait almost that long for Android 13, as we have known for a few days now.

Updates: A strange week

Google has rolled out the first update for the Pixel 6a, providing the Android 13 beta, but has not yet been able to deliver the expected August update. Instead, there is a very small bug fix update for the Pixel 6, 6 Pro and 6a. The August update is coming later – in a few weeks.

What else was there: new things for live viewing, another setback for Stadia in Google’s local stores, the announced release of Game Dashboard for non-OEM Android devices and a comparison of Pixel 6 vs. Pixel 6a.

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