This limited-edition Resident Evil 3 Nemesis statue is terrifyingly brilliant

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This limited-edition Resident Evil 3 Nemesis statue is terrifyingly brilliant
Resident Evil 3's Nemesis glowers at the camera, holding his trusty rocket launcher at his side

(Image credit: Capcom / Numskull)

Numskull has revealed that the next figurine to join its range of limited-edition Resident Evil statues will be a striking replica of Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis.

Described as “highly detailed”, the figurine has hand-painted features and has been fully authorized by Capcom itself.

“Possessing vastly superior intelligence, strength, and regenerative abilities to its lesser counterparts, Nemesis is a truly terrifying creature to behold. With its only purpose to track down and eliminate S.T.A.R.S members, it’s no surprise this powerful monster carries the name ‘Pursuer’ as it proves to be completely relentless in its hunt,” teases the product description.

“This remarkable high-quality statue stands at 10.9″ (27.7cm) and features Nemesis upon a cracked tarmac base with its infamous rocket launcher in hand and hazard tape on the ground. Display your love for Resident Evil with pride and add this stunning centerpiece to your collection!”

But instead of just reading about it, you can see it yourself in this promotional video:

Nemesis won’t release until November, but you can pre-order him now (opens in new tab) for $110/£100, although prices and availability will differ depending upon the retailer you use and where you are in the world.

Other Resident Evil merch available to buy include 3D desk lamps, charging mats, pin badges, and a range of cosplaying ducks… yes, really. (opens in new tab)

Resident Evil is just of several figurine ranges Numskull has on the way. Others include Destiny 2 (opens in new tab), the latest for which is Crucible legend Lord Shaxx. Shaxx is a “highly detailed PVC and ABS replica” and has “hand-painted features for extra detail”, standing a little taller than Nemesis at 12 inches high. 

“This high-quality collectible 12” statue features notable details fans will adore such as Lord Shaxx’s iconic helmet, signature armor color scheme, finely detailed fur pauldrons, and confident stance. For any Guardian, this statue is a must-have!”

And ICYMI, the same team behind these Shaxx and Resident Evil figurines is also working on a Silent Hill range, too. Whilst only one has been officially confirmed right now – a fabulous replica of the Bubble Head nurse from Silent Hill 2 (opens in new tab) – it sure looks like there’s a Heather statue on the way, too…

Horror isn’t just for Halloween, you know – here are our tips for the very best horror games (opens in new tab).

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