11 Unique Luggage Picks You Have No Chance to Miss at the Carousel

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11 Unique Luggage Picks You Have No Chance to Miss at the Carousel

The most popular luggage color among travelers is black or dark blue. They do have a lot of advantages: you can barely see wear and tear, scratches, stains, and other traces of a life infused with trips. The only problem is that there are so many of them at the baggage claim and throughout the hotel that you’re bound to grab the wrong one. And discover it too late.We at Bright Side could say, “Good luck having your vacation with tons of dresses if you’re a man or without a single stylish swimsuit if you’re a woman.” Instead, we spent several sleepless nights searching for one-of-a-kind yet cool luggage to offer you. Check out this list!1. You can pack a surprising amount of items into this bag.Buy this trolley bag on Amazon HERERip-resistant!These are the words that describe this ideal travel companion: light, strong, and spacious. However, it has one more trick up its sleeve: if you don’t want to pay for extra luggage, you can easily fit it under the seat in front of you or in an overhead cabin.2. If you want to travel with luggage that is both durable and portable, this is the way to go!Buy this suitcase on Amazon HEREExtremely robust!Choose this guy for your next business or vacation trip! It’s very light and easy to move around. It also has a strap to keep clothes from shifting to one side.3. The trolley case that ticks all the boxes of your perfect travel bag.Buy this trolley bag on Amazon HEREVersatile!Aside from the main compartment for storing your essentials, this cutie has a water bottle holder and quick access pockets for travel documents. There is also room for a MacBook or a small laptop!4. Take this set on your next vacation and watch it turn heads.Buy this set on Amazon HERESo stylish!Count the advantages of this set. To begin, you will receive two pieces: a portable case that can be used as a handbag, cosmetic bag, or home decor, and a suitcase with wheels. Second, it looks fantastic. Third, it’s extremely durable and rolls very smoothly. Fourth, the handles are simple to pull up. Furthermore, there is plenty of space inside. Perfection!5. An elegant travel buddy that will keep your stuff safe and sound.Buy this travel buddy on Amazon HERESuperior interior!If you prefer a minimalistic vibe, this luggage is for you. It’s well-designed, functional, and durable. Also, it looks high-end without the hefty price tag.6. Nothing to dislike about this luggage. Check it out yourself!Buy this luggage HEREIconic!You couldn’t ask for anything more! It is lightweight and simple to use, very well made, and the price is excellent. Other cabin suitcases are more expensive, but this one is fantastic value.7. Take the strain out of your trips with this bag.Buy this bag on Amazon HERETravel in style!With a lovely pink floral design, you’ll have no trouble spotting your luggage as soon as it arrives on the carousel. It’s not only light, but it’s also strong and flexible enough to withstand the rigors of modern transportation. The look is completed by robust, smooth, and chunky gold-colored zippers on the main body.8. Brighten up your traveling experience with this flight bag.Buy this flight bag HEREUnique floral print!At first glance, it may seem to be a simple bag, but take a closer look. If you don’t have any flights planned in the near future, use it as a gym bag, overnighter bag, or weekend bag.9. Make an eye-catching and modern statement with this suitcase from the Bloom Print collection.Buy the Bloom Print piece on Amazon HEREComplete with padlocks!That is exactly what you are looking for! Easy to maneuver, with plenty of interior space, and very pretty!10. This case is ready to make your journey smooth.Buy this case on Amazon HEREWaterproof!This case will protect your valuables from water, drinks, rain, and other liquids during travel. It’s very roomy, secure, and reliable. You can also stack small bags and other travel necessities on top of it for added comfort.11. You won’t be able to stop the avalanche of compliments once you show this beauty to the world.Buy the retro luggage set on Amazon HEREEditor’s choice!This one is our fav! It isn’t only beautiful, but it’s also scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and durable. It has special wheels for easy mobility, multidirectional movement, and extremely low noise.What color is your luggage? What features would your perfect travel bag have?Bright Side gets commissions for purchases made through the links in this post.Bright Side/Shopping/11 Unique Luggage Picks You Have No Chance to Miss at the CarouselRead More

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