5 Things You Didn't Know Google Maps Can Do

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5 Things You Didn't Know Google Maps Can Do

We all use or at least once have used Google Maps. However, today we show you 5 features that it has that you have surely overlooked and that are really useful.

Google Maps is considered by many to be the best navigation application out there. Now, many get into arguments with others due to the stiff competition with Waze.

Despite all this, this application has remained unbeatable and there are many who continue to opt for this front others. No matter what smartphone you use, whether it’s Android or an iPhone, Google Maps is there to give you quick and easy routes to get to your destination any way.

Plus, it’s continually including improvements that facilitate the user experience. One of the latest cases was the integration, both in Android and iOS, of toll prices to help make the choice between toll roads and regular roads easier, which was made possible thanks to the company’s association with local authorities.

It has recently surprised us with great news: aerial views of 100 points of reference, more detailed cycling routes and an improvement in location sharing with notifications of the arrival and departure of your friends.

However, today we come with 5 things that you probably didn’t know that Google Maps can do and that you’re not taking advantage of:

Measure distances

Google Maps includes a built-in measurement feature that you can access on both the desktop and app versions. It’s as simple as selecting the location and selecting “Measure distance”.

Then select another point on the map and Google will tell you exactly the distance between those two places. Next, you can add more places to measure from there and get to know the distances between various points.

Add several stops

This is a very useful function since to go from one point to another, sometimes, we stop at different ones. That is why Google Maps allows us to add stops.

To do this, select the first destination and click on the three dots that appear in the upper right corner on mobile. Select “Add Stop” from the menu and select a second destination. It also gives us the option of being able to move those locations as we want and see the arrival times of each one.

In the case of the desktop version, the option to add a new destination will appear. The only problem here is that this function is only available in walking and driving mode , not for public transport.

Time Travel

This is as easy as using Google Street View and one of its built-in features. Google has secretly added a very cool feature inside, which allows you to go back in time to see what the street or place looked like.

To access you just have to select a place from Street View and, in the upper right, click on the date. Street View will then show you a range, such as 2008 to present, available for the location.

Incognito Browsing

Just like Google, if you want to go to a site and that it is not reflected anywhere because you want to keep it secret, in the mobile app, tap the user icon in the upper right corner and select “Turn on incognito mode” to enjoy private browsing.

With this we will ensure that your searches are not saved. Once you’re done, navigate to the same menu and disable incognito mode.

Create your own maps

Google Maps allows you save and catalog places for later. And there are always places you’ve been to that you’d like to save and always have on your radar in case you want to come back.

To do so, click on the three lines at the top left of the desktop and select Your places> Maps> Create maps.

From there, you can create bookmarks, add directions, routes and measure distances. These custom maps will be layered on top of your standard Maps setup. It can be somewhat complicated at first and it is really not an easy task, but if you take it as usual, you will quickly know how to do it quickly.

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