AMC CVT3030MKII review. A robust hybrid amplifier for tube fans

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AMC CVT3030MKII review.  A robust hybrid amplifier for tube fans


  • Great price for the given results
  • Present and well-functioning tonal corrections
  • Feeling of a nice “lamp-likeness” present
  • Total fullness of reproduction
  • Good control and silence
  • Cons

    • A bit austere processing and appearance
    • Surprisingly, in reality the maximum volume limit
  • Slight feeling of confusion in the labeling of the inputs (e.g. AUX set optics, etc.)
  • Until the additional grounding of the device in the outlet eliminated significant static discharges with each touch
  • In the south of Pasadena, California, a stone’s throw from Los Angeles in a convertible, since the 1970s The AMC brand has been operating for years. Today, the dominant part of the production program is definitely technology for the field of home automation (if you want smart homes), however, in the part of the catalog you will still find relatively classic hi-fi with a hallmark of American style. The most prominent representative is the CVT3030MKII integrated amplifier.

    The complicated device name refers to the second one generation of devices with CVT or CCVT technology – Coupling Capacitor Voltage Transformer. The number in the name then reveals the power of 30 and 30 Watts per channel.

    Appearance and construction

    But let’s start from the beginning – the CVT3030MKII is a somewhat austerely conceived component in terms of materials and design, which nonetheless shows the American approach well to the point where the content is slightly superior to the form. The CVT3030MKII looks somewhat purposeful, but the processing is acceptable in the context of the price, especially on the front panel.

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    The larger frame hides a recessed smaller rectangle with control elements in the form of five rotary elements. Naturally, the volume on the far right is the largest, the other four are smaller. This applies to the input switch located right next to it, as well as to the trio of classic tone corrections for treble, bass and channel balance.

    Z in addition, you will only find a switch button and a large headphone output, the operating status is indicated by a brightly lit blue diode. The tested piece still had the model designation and a small Signature Edition sticker stuck on it, which, however, somehow lacks a more specific explanation.

    Cover area the device probably contains less metal than vents, but considering the concept of the amplifier it is good. Even so, it seemed to heat quite a lot during operation.

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    On the back of the amplifier you will find (somewhat strangely) analog and digital connectors. There are five pairs of classic line RCAs, supplemented by one phono input for both MM and MC portables. There is only one digital input, it is optical, the purpose of which is confirmed by a small sticker right next to it – “Hi-Res Audio DAC for Streamer”, which means support for resolutions up to 24 / 192.

    One pair of cinch pre-out outputs can please you, whether you use it to connect subwoofers or an output stage. There are also three pairs of speaker outputs – a common minus and plus pole for eight-ohm and four-ohm loads.

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    An interesting feature, almost unheard of today, is the second power socket – that is, in addition to the classic input, there is also an output for some small signal source type device, so you don’t have to run two long cables. A bit too matter of fact by European standards is the remote control, small and full of buttons, unfortunately not all of them work yet, so it will take some effort orient yourself. The controller works with motorized potentiometers for adjusting the volume and switching inputs. complex, definitely more tube than transistor, even though the CVT3030MKII is officially a hybrid design. On each channel you will find two large EL34EH tubes from Electro-Harmonix with cold cathodes. It is precisely because of them that there is a transformer with an EI core in front of each output, and there is another one in the middle, used for the input power supply. FETs in the tube connection are also connected to the tubes on each channel.

    The result of this technology is 30 Watts of output power on each channel, one hundred percent of which is delivered in pure class A, which is quite unusual in the context of the price range. The output is constant up to 8 and 4 ohms. The manufacturer gives a nominal value of total harmonic distortion of 1% in the entire acoustic band, before limitation the power reaches up to 36 Watts.

    Signal distance and the noise level of the CVT3030MKII is 80 dB on the line inputs, 79 dB on the phono inputs, and the channel separation is more than 50 dB. Distance values ​​are weighted by the A curve, so they are rather average by today’s standards. with a normal width of 43 cm, height of 11.2 cm and depth of 28.8 cm.

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