Google will limit unexpected ads on Android. The new rules for their display are finally clear

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Google will limit unexpected ads on Android.  The new rules for their display are finally clear

Starting the game? Advertisement. Want to adjust your graphics settings? Sure, but only after you watch a half-minute ad… Mobile ads have made it possible for games to exist on Android that users would otherwise have to pay for. However, while we often subconsciously ignore advertisements today, it is necessary that they cannot be abused. First of all, they must not look like a graphical part of the game itself, and developers must not push them into places where there are otherwise common game control elements.

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Developers have learned to abuse ads in recent years, so they can reliably ruin the entire gaming experience. However, many “non-standard” practices were also frowned upon by Google, which announced new program policies for developers that will come into effect on September 30. And the changes regarding ads will be very significant.

The main change will be the banning of all full-screen interstitials that appear unexpectedly when the user decides to take another game action. Ads that appear during gameplay at the start of a level or segment of content are now completely prohibited. Inset full-screen video ads that appear before the app’s home screen or when loading a new location are also prohibited. This is often very fast, but it “artificially” waits for the advertisement to end.

One example of inappropriate advertising for all… As of September 30th this ad display will be completely banned

Google has also banned full-screen interstitial ads that cannot be closed after 15 seconds. But this time there are also loops. However, if it is an ad that users have explicitly opted-in to (e.g. agreed to the terms of use, without which the game won’t start at all), the ads can be displayed for longer, without the option to close them. Also excluded from these terms are those ads that allow users to “unlock” new content in the game, or those that are displayed but do not interfere with normal gameplay. These are typically integrated ads or banners that fill only part of the display.

Prohibition of inappropriate ads

Google shows examples of inappropriate use as part of the newly set rules, which will soon be banned. After pressing the “Start” button, users want to start playing and not watch a completely unexpected advertisement. The same applies when entering the settings or submenus. They should primarily display content, not advertising.

The third example is a full-screen ad that pops up during game play and cannot be closed after 15 seconds. However, if it is possible to close the ad in the time interval, similar ads will continue to bother you. The new rules will apply on Android from September 30. Until then, you have to be patient…

Google Play Policy – subscriptions, purchases and ads on Android:

Source: Google Support

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