Mark Zuckerberg’s Little League Baseball Card Is Now For Sale As NFT

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Mark Zuckerberg’s Little League Baseball Card Is Now For Sale As NFT

Meta’s Co-Founder, Mark Zuckerberg’s 1992 Little League baseball card is going on sale as an NFT. The sale comes on the heels of Instagram expanding digital collectible NFTs to 100 more countries. The Metropolis Comic Collect will auction the physical card as well as an NFT of the card. Notably, an 8-year-old Zuckerberg gifted the custom-made card to his camp counselor in 1992, who kept it and is now selling it.

Here’s all you need to know about Mark Zuckerberg’s Little League baseball card NFT:

Little League baseball card NFT featuring Mark Zuckerberg
ComicConnect will sell both the physical and digital version of Mark Zuckerberg’s Little League baseball card NFT. Credit: ComicConnect

About Mark Zuckerberg’s Little League Baseball Card NFT

In 1992, Mark Zuckerberg personally made the Little League baseball card and gifted it to his favorite camp counselor, Allie Tarantino. At the time, Tarantino playfully asked the young Zuckerberg to sign it, to which he readily agreed. Now, 30 years later, the one-of-a-kind card has resurfaced!

“I’ve been telling this story for quite a while, about how I knew Mark as a camper, and it always astonishes people to see that this card actually exists,” said Tarantino. “But I feel that my part of the story is over, so due to Mark’s prominence in the tech world, and the fact that he’s one of the most famous people on the planet, I figure now is a good time to sell this card and put it on market.”

Mark Zuckerberg’s Little League baseball card and NFT will go on sale with multiple documents that authenticate its manufacturing history, Zuckerberg’s signature, and his attendance at Camp Elmwood. 

Instagram NFT feature expands to 100 countries

Recently, Instagram announced the international expansion of its NFT feature to 100 countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and the Americas. Initially, the feature was only available for select US-based users. Additionally, Meta announced the Instagram NFT feature will support third-party wallet connections from Coinbase Wallet, Dapper Wallet, Rainbow, Metamask, and Trust Wallet. 

Mark Zuckerberg’s Little League baseball card will be one of the first NFTs to go live on Instagram. Taking to Instagram, Zuckerberg wrote, “In honor of expanding digital collectible NFTs to 100 more countries on Instagram and launching new integrations with Coinbase and Dapper, I’m sharing my soon-to-be NFT old little league baseball card, which someone recently found and sent to me.”

Instagram's NFT feature
Instagram’s NFT feature has now expanded to 100 countries.

How can you post an NFT on Instagram?

If the Instagram NFT feature is available in your country, posting an NFT on the social media site is quite easy. All you have to do is connect your digital wallet to Instagram. However, make sure that your wallet is one of the supported third-party wallets on the platform. 

Currently, Instagram supports NFTs on a total of three blockchains—Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow. Besides, the platform does not charge any fees for sharing digital collectibles on Instagram.   

Recently, Meta’s Facebook reported its first decline in revenues in Q2 2022. This could be why Meta is doubling down on the niche NFT market. 

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