Outlook Lite also runs on Android with 1GB of RAM. But it only supports one account

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Outlook Lite also runs on Android with 1GB of RAM.  But it only supports one account

The era of releasing lightweight app variants is not over yet, as Microsoft has released Outlook Lite for Android in select markets. The Czechia and Slovakia are not among them, the Redmond giant is targeting selected developing markets. Similarly, in 2017 he released, for example, Skype Lite, which he finally made available to a global audience.

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The reasoning behind the creation and use of these applications is always the same. Outlook Lite is smaller, faster and it works even in slow networks. Which is a strange argument for an e-mail client, you can usually handle sending simple messages even in second-generation networks – it made more sense to optimize more data-intensive voice or video calls.

Although I don’t find full-fat Outlook slow, Outlook Lite will be a more pleasant choice on slow phones. According to the manufacturer, it even runs on devices with a single gigabyte of operating memory. It shouldn’t take up too much storage space or drain the battery that much. The logic of the application has practically not changed, so you get a postman and a calendar in one package.

Only one account. And pay attention to the calendar

When working with mail, you spend most of the time you won’t feel significantly more limited. Microsoft has also incorporated so-called smart replies, priority inbox or quick actions triggered by swiping to the side into the Lite variant. Only when creating an e-mail do you need to do without text formatting tools. Support for labels is missing just like in the full version.

The biggest catch is if you want to add another account. The application currently supports only one e-mail account, and it must be a Microsoft service, either personal or business. So far out of luck with Gmail or any other provider. However, the manufacturer promises support for multiple accounts in the application.

Klepněte pro větší obrázek Klepněte pro větší obrázek

Compared to e-mail, the calendar is significantly more truncated

, which only offers agenda and daily view. Three-day and monthly previews are completely missing. Microsoft replaced the magnifying glass in the lower navigation bar with an overview of contacts. In it, you will already find universal search, while looking at messages and events similar to the full-fledged Outlook.

Although you cannot officially download Outlook Lite in the Czech Republic from the Google Play Store, if necessary, you can look for the APK file , which weighs only 5.5 MB. If you resort to downloading, make sure you’re downloading from a trusted source (like APKMirror). Even so, there is a risk that malicious code is added to the package. You install at your own risk.

By the way, the application also runs on older Android series. Specifically, Android 5.1 is enough for it.

Sources: Google Play Store via Windows Central

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