Rhône: a pigeon trap installed on the roof of a building is controversial in Caluire-et-Cuire

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Rhône: a pigeon trap installed on the roof of a building is controversial in Caluire-et-Cuire

The pigeons are trapped in a cage located on top of a building in the town, causing a stir in the neighborhood.

“Deadly summer for birds”, warns the Animal Dignity association. While a fourth heat wave is expected in the Rhône this week, the association indicates that a pigeon cage has been installed on the roof of a building in Caluire-et-Cuire.

Laurence lives in a neighboring building. She was able to observe that the pigeons, baited by the food, find themselves stuck inside the cage. “We were at the table the other night and we realized that there were several pigeons inside”, she explains to BFM Lyon.

“We all felt very bad because we were eating, we all stopped eating. We were there to see them struggling”, recalls Laurence .The owners do not wish to remove the trap

So she contacted the association to try to find a solution. Dignité Animale proposed to the syndic of the co-ownership to recover the pigeons to place them in a refuge. A proposal refused by the owners of the building.

“This trap is barbaric. It’s 40°C, it’s a flat roof , the birds must die slowly from the heat”, fears Morgane Finzi, member of the association, who does not know if the pigeons have access to water.

For the latter, this action is “a shame”. According to the association, “the trapped pigeons agonize for long days, the falconer trapper coming to recover them, to kill them, once a week”.

Contacted by BFM Lyon, the trustee who manages the co-ownership, did not wish to speak. The Animal Dignity association for its part, remains mobilized until the trap is removed.

Lucie Nolorgues and Alicia Foricher

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