The 9 Most Disastrous Fails in Keynotes Tech of All Time

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The 9 Most Disastrous Fails in Keynotes Tech of All Time

Unfortunately for many companies, events never go as planned and that leaves disastrous moments that have gone down in history: we collect 9 of these moments.

Technological events are the peak moments of many companies, although they do not always turn out the way they want. Over the years we have witnessed different events in which the companies have left much to be desired, either because of the way in which everything has been orchestrated and because of the problems that arose.

We have decided to collect a series of these events in order to better exemplify what we have discussed. Among all the disastrous events that exist and will exist, since no company is free from a presentation being overshadowed by disaster we have selected 9 that we consider the best among the worse.

We have not only opted for events or presentations of products such as mobile phones or any type of electronic equipment. To exemplify that this can happen to any company, we have opted for variety, so software releases, displays of new devices and even game presentations have been included.

The Cybertruck is not so resistant

We are going to start this compilation with one of the closest events in time, the presentation of the Tesla Cybertruck. To show off the resistance of this new vehicle that looks like a futuristic tank what was done was to ask that a metal ball be thrown at the windows hoping that it would not break them, although in the end it ended up shattering them.

Apple Face ID is unable to recognize a face at the right time

The following The moment that will go down in history is the introduction of Apple’s facial recognition. The jump to the iPhone X caused Apple to eliminate Touch ID in favor of Face ID, although during the moment where he had to show off and recognize Craig Federighi’s face, what happened was the opposite, making Craig Federighi even nervous.

Nothing better than a blue screen for Windows 98

All or almost all of us have experienced a blue screen on a Windows computer. This error dates back to the beginning of Windows and, in fact, Bill Gates himself experienced a blue screen during the official presentation of Windows 98. This event caused the room to be filled with laughter and applause, although in the end they managed to save the situation well.

Samsung wanted to bring in Michael Bay as a representative and the move did not go well

Michael Bay is an acclaimed film director and many of us can believe that finding himself in this position has had moments of tension greater than speaking in public. The situation that arose when he came out at CES 2014 together with Samsung to talk about panels is worthy of The Office, the teleprompter did not work well for him, so he decided to abandon the presentation.

Steve Jobs asks attendees to disconnect from WiFi

The problems in Apple presentations they are something recurrent from a few years ago and, in fact, Steve Jobs has starred in several. In this one when trying to make a demo of the browser and what happens is that the device is unable to connect and the solution was to ask the audience to disconnect from the WiFi network so that it works .

Energetic, strange and controversial was Qualcomm’s presentation at CES 2013

We have arrived to one of the most controversial presentations ever made. Within the framework of CES 2013, Qualcomm decided to turn the stage into a theatrical stage thanks to several performances that, honestly, were quite embarrassing and with collaborations from the likes of Guillermo del Toro to Gallina Caponata from Sesame Street.

Battlefield 4 doesn’t have sound in its official announcement

The last embarrassing moment is signed by EA with the announcement of Battlefield 4. Throughout the presentation of this new title, what was done was to brag about the possibilities of the game, the mechanics and the innovation. But just at the moment of making this game in action for all users to see in action, the projection system completely eliminated the audio.

Stairs are Asimo’s worst enemy

Robots are the order of the day nowadays, although this has not always been the case. In fact, until not many years ago that a metallic body with a humanoid shape could walk or make almost human movements was something to mention. Honda decided to make a demo of Asimo, its robot capable of climbing stairs, but it was unable to overcome the obstacle and fell in a comical way.

Holo Lens and Buzz Aldrin is not a winning combination

During Microsoft’s 2016 presentation there were a ton of awkward moments that have gone down in history. history as one of the events with the least impressive demonstrations in history. It was such a point that even the appearance of Buzz Aldrin in the Holo Lens demo caused much more laughter than surprise to the viewers.

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