Tom Cruise wanted to become a pastor in the church, not an actor

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Tom Cruise wanted to become a pastor in the church, not an actor

Edited by Kanika Singh | | Updated: Aug 8, 2022, 6:36 PM Hollywood’s most talked about Tom Cruise wanted to be a Catholic priest before becoming an actor. He had also taken training for this but he had to leave in the middle. Tom Cruise Wanted to Be a PastorHighlightsHeightsNotActor Wanted to Be a PastorTom CruiseWanted to Be a Pastor Actor After Entering Church Had to Drop TrainingThe 1980s was a decade that saw many young actors in Hollywood. Tom Cruise’s name was at the top of this. In the beginning of his career, he did very small roles at first. Eventually, he also got a chance to shine as a huge star and made a name for himself in Hollywood. Although Tom became a star, but at one point he was something else to be. During his illustrious career in 2000, Tom was one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. But you will be surprised to know that before making his mark in the industry, he was actually training to become a Catholic to become a pastor Tom Cruise was trained to become a Catholic Priest. Tom Cruise, one of Hollywood’s most famous and handsome actors, has not only given us some of the best movies of all time, but also because of his unique work in the film ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, he has been the best actor ever. Born and raised in a religious Catholic family, the actor revealed that earlier in his career he wanted to become a pastor. He decided to enroll in a Franciscan church in Cincinnati, Ohio.Tom on his way to becoming a Priest Father Schneider said of Tom, ‘I think he wanted a good education. With his parents going through a divorce, it was a tough period for him. Maybe that is one of the reasons why he came here. As a young boy, Tom was a devout Catholic and was on his way to becoming a priest after Father Schneider persuaded him to enter St. Francis Seminary School. The pastor there said he thought Tom had a chance to get a free education. Shane Dempler, one of the actor’s best friends at the time, revealed that Tom was serious about becoming a pastor. He said, ‘He has a very strong belief in Catholicism. We went to Mass, spent time in the chapel and enjoyed hearing stories from the priests. We thought priests had a wonderful life and we were really interested in it.’ broke the rules of madrasa However, the school’s IQ cut-off was 110 and he got the exact same marks in the exam. He never performed well in school but he did well in sports and even joined the drama club. Tom had only been in church for two years. His path ended when he broke the rules there. He used to sneak out from there every day and smoke cigarettes. falling in love is hard He had a big problem when he and Shane decided to steal some wine from the Franciscan rooms. With this, Tom also fell in love with a woman during that time and that was his biggest mistake. He could not face all this and finally decided to leave this path. Navbharat Times News App: News from across the world, your city’s condition, education and business updates, film and sports world bustle, viral news and religious karma… Get Latest Hindi News Updates from NBT Appletest News Like NBT Facebook page to stay Web Title : Hindi News from Navbharat Times, TIL Network
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