Tom Holland Flew Commercial for 4,350 Miles to Visit Zendaya Amid Celebrity Private Jet Drama

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Tom Holland just disproved the argument that A-list celebrities are too famous to fly commercial—and he did so for the most romantic reason.

Amid growing internet discourse over celebrity CO2 emissions from private jet travel, the Marvel superstar reportedly flew over 4,350 miles from New York City, where he has been filming The Crowded Room, to visit his girlfriend, Zendaya, in Budapest, where she is filming the second Dune movie. Fans filmed the booked and busy couple spending time together in Hungary, and the video has since gone viral on Twitter. 

Another fan on TikTok seemingly captured Holland knitting during a long commercial flight. Though it’s difficult to confirm when the image was taken, his dark hair and haircut appear to match up with the above video. 

It’s been over a year since the Spider-Man costars were first spotted kissing in July 2021, and this is not the first time Holland has booked a long flight as a romantic gesture. In February the actor reportedly flew to Rome to “surprise” the Euphoria star with dinner at Antica Pesa in Rome’s Trastevere neighborhood, according to Page Six. And yes, Holland was filmed squeezing into an aluminum sphere with the rest of the populous for that trip as well. We love the masks!

Interest in celebrity air travel has skyrocketed (pun definitely intended) ever since Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott faced backlash over their matching private jets and for reportedly taking a 17-minute flight. Following the drama, the digital marketing agency Yard released a list of the 10 celebrities they claim are the worst offenders when it comes to generating CO2 emissions from their private jets, and Taylor Swift fans were disappointed to see the singer in the number one slot.

According to Yard, Swift’s jet has flown 170 times this year between January 1 and July 19 with an average flight time of 80 minutes. The agency also claims the flights amassed a total of 8,293.54 tonnes of CO2 emissions. For context, that is “1,184.8 times more than the average person’s total annual emissions.”

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