18 Cool Things That Any Woman Would Love to Have

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18 Cool Things That Any Woman Would Love to Have

Nowadays, we can’t imagine our life without comfortable clothes, hygiene products, and home appliances. But sometimes manufacturers create things that not only solve a lot of female problems, but are also easy on the eye.

At Bright Side, we are sure that there will be even more similar innovations in our everyday life soon.

“My new dress has some little sneak clips between the buttons to hold it closed where breasts make buttons sit open.”

“The packaging for my pads are cat-themed.”

This bathroom has a baby holder, so you can sit on the toilet in peace.

This tampon packaging resembles an ice cream package.

A lactation pod where a mother can feed her baby comfortably

This store has tags, so you know what size the mannequins are wearing.

“I was getting tired of scrunchies everywhere, so I made a dinosaur scrunchie holder!”

“Period underwear I made for my wife.”

This unusual hair product packaging

“My girlfriend’s crab purse”

“I wanted to make a bra top I could wear outside.”

“They showed Dwayne Johnson working out on the gym TV, and even though this is a women’s gym, I got really inspired.”

“The hotel I’m staying at has a separate towel for makeup.”

This restaurant provides you with a chair for your purse.

These dummy electronic placeholders help to size things up in a store selling bags.

This lipstick has a secret compartment containing lip gloss in the same color as the lipstick.

“The aglet at the end of my dress string isn’t crimped or glued, but rather held by a tiny screw.”

“My wife’s new dress has a confidence boosting message hidden in the pocket.”

Tell us which everyday items make your life easier.

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