A fire covers 400 hectares between Lozère and Aveyron, 1,200 people evacuated

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A fire covers 400 hectares between Lozère and Aveyron, 1,200 people evacuated

The evacuations took place in the early hours of the day, reports the prefecture of Aveyron. Significant land and human resources are mobilized to fight the fire which spread from Lozère to Aveyron.

Around 3,000 people were evacuated overnight from Monday August 8 to Tuesday August 9 due to the ongoing fire in Mostuéjouls, Aveyron, Aveyron firefighters told France Bleu Occitanie on Tuesday. 1,200 were sheltered for the night, said the prefecture of the department on Twitter. This is the same forest fire which broke out on Monday in the town of Massegros Causses Gorges, in Lozère, and which spread to Aveyron. The fire covers 700 hectares of vegetation, three-quarters of which are in Aveyron. It is at the gates of the town of Mostuéjouls which has been evacuated. The evacuations took place all night, between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. Among the 3,000 people evacuated, 1,200 were sheltered in rallying points, gymnasiums or community halls, in Rivière-sur-Tarn, Aguessac, Sévérac-le-Chateau or Millau. The others were housed by relatives. These are residents of the town but also people who were staying in the campsites of the Gorges du Tarn. “No casualties or injuries are currently to be deplored”, adds the prefecture.Florice was sleeping in a tent at the Pont campsite in Rivière-sur-Tarn when we woke him up: “The flames were going down. We could see them. We took the bare minimum and everyone went to the village hall of the neighboring village, he says . We had seen the smoke in the afternoon but it was contained by the Canadairs. We thought they were going to succeed in putting out the fire but there was a gust of wind around 9 p.m. Around 11 p.m., when I went to bed, we began to feel the hot breath coming from the nearby hill.”For the time being, there is no question for the evacuees to find their homes. “The populations evacuated in the town of Mostuéjouls or Rivière-sur-Tarn must remain sheltered: no return home possible until further notice”, indicates the prefecture of Aveyron in a tweet, published a little before 9 hours.

#Forestfires from #Mostuéjouls: ⚠️ Populations evacuated in the municipality of Mostuéjouls or Rivière-sur-Tarn must stay safe: no return home possible until further notice ⚠️

— Prefect of Aveyron (@Prefet12) August 9, 2022

600 firefighters are on site to fight the fire which is “not yet fixed”. Additional air resources, three Canadair from Gard, “arrived in the area” as reinforcements around 7 a.m., according to the firefighters. They must carry out reconnaissance to establish the number of hectares burned in relation to the number of hectares covered. “The fire took place in a massif consisting essentially of highly combustible resinous trees, it was pushed by a moderate wind but sufficient to spread the flames at high speed” , explains Captain Dieudonné of the Aveyron firefighters on France Bleu Occitanie. “The fire calmed down during the night thanks in particular to the drop in temperatures during the night”, he indicates. He now dreads “the daybreak and the return of the”intense heat”.

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