Apple thinks the VR helmet will put the iPhone to shame!

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Apple thinks the VR helmet will put the iPhone to shame!

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that Apple’s VR/AR helmet is going to steal the iPhone’s place in the market. But when Ming-Chi Kuo is saying it, it might be a good idea to look at what was said with eyes to see, and of course, understand why.

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Apple thinks the VR helmet will embarrass the iPhone!

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So, as you may know, Apple is really preparing to release a helmet focused on Virtual Reality, however, contrary to what many other entities are trying to do, Apple sees in this product, the future of the mobile world.

Yes, the helmet will eventually take the place of the iPhone. According to Apple, the next step, what comes after the smartphone, is here. Is ready? The first version arrives in 2023.

Obviously, the first version will not revolutionize anything. It’s just the beginning of an adventure for Apple in trying to educate and pull consumers into a new kind of product. The launch should take place in January 2023, with the product hitting shelves with a price between €2000 and €2500.

Apple is expecting to sell around 1.5 million of units in the first year, and for that, it is already finishing the development of several apps that will demonstrate the real purpose of the company for the next years.

After all, in addition to the hardware of luxury, Apple is expected to bet big and ugly on the development ecosystem. In other words, apps are not going to be missing. Which, together with the rasterization technology of the user’s eyes, can completely change the way we use a smart device in our daily lives.

The first is just an example, then, with a significant price drop, we will see the revolution happen!

According to the analyst, the first model will only try to convince users of the potential. By betting on a modern and comfortable design. It will be a kind of test of the market. If all goes well, over time, the price will fall to a level equal to that of an iPhone.

In addition, can you imagine a world in which from using a smartphone, to start using a kind of glasses, or helmet, every day. In order to access the Internet, or communicate with your circle of friends? Times will change!

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