Attack on rue des Rosiers in Paris: 40 years later, where is the investigation?

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Attack on rue des Rosiers in Paris: 40 years later, where is the investigation?

On August 9, 1982, a commando opened fire in an emblematic restaurant in the Jewish quarter of Paris, causing 6 deaths and 22 injuries. 40 years later, no trial has taken place but the investigation remains open.

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40 years ago to the day, the attack on rue des Rosiers plunged the historic Jewish quarter of Paris into mourning. On August 9, 1982, an commando targeted the emblematic restaurant “Jo Goldenberg”. Fifty people are inside. The shooters then target passers-by in the rue des Rosiers. This anti-Semitic attack, which killed 6 people and injured 22, is attributed to a dissident Palestinian terrorist organization: the “Fatah Revolutionary Council of Abu Nidal”. If, for the time being, no trial has yet taken place, the investigations are continuing in France and in Europe. Four suspects are identified and international warrants were issued against them in 2015. Only one of them was extradited. This is Abu Zayed, a 63-year-old man of Palestinian origin residing in Norway. He is suspected of being one of the shooters. Since the end of 2020, he has been indicted in France for murder and attempted murder. He was remanded in custody. Two of the other suspects are in Jordan. The last is in the Palestinian territories, in the West Bank. So far, neither state has responded to extradition requests. This status quo is “desperate”

, according to civil party lawyers. They ask France to do everything to recover these suspects. Otherwise, it will be necessary to be content with a judgment by default, in the presence of Abou Zayed alone. A trial that would be “frustrating”

for the civil party lawyers. The victims demand justice and a trial as soon as possible, possibly in 2024.
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