Chips replace fitness bracelets and monitor your health

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Chips replace fitness bracelets and monitor your health

Čipovi menjaju fitnes narukvice i prate vaše zdravlje

A team of researchers from the University of Chicago has been actively working for some time on the development of chips which, apparently, would somewhat with a structure reminiscent of human skin with the aim of monitoring the health of people and providing the ability to react preventively before the first symptoms of the disease appear.

What technology is in question?

The vision behind the team led by Sihong Wang at the Pricker School of Molecular Engineering at the University of Chicago is to develop a special types of chips that resemble your skin, and which will act to preemptively warn you of potential pre-symptoms of various diseases before they even appear in you. chip.jpg “We aim to combine artificial intelligence and wearable technology to analyze health data with a device that is on our body”.chip.jpg


A future like this a team of researchers pred vijeda is based on biosensors that would be found in devices of flexible form and that could be placed on our skin for completely undisturbed use. Some of the biosensors that would be present would serve to monitor various health parameters, from the level of sugar and oxygen in the blood to the level of metabolites. collected and analyzed from all the biosensors present so that, through machine learning, he could create a comprehensive picture of the state of health of a certain person and potentially provide warnings about whether there is a fear of developing a disease. If it exists, the person would be warned and would have enough time to react preventively and prevent the development of various diseases.

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At the moment the biggest challenge with which the team of researchers faces is to find a solution that blends invisibly with the skin and that will not be a distracting factor when performing any actions. That’s why they try to use different polymers to find the combination that provides the best performance. In addition, the entire team recognizes that access to the data on this chip is a huge challenge and that the problem of who would be allowed to manipulate such data still needs to be solved.

)Usage value

At the moment they are testing several versions of this neuromorphic chip analyzing ECG data that records the activity of the human heart. The chip itself was adjusted so that it recognizes five different groups of people whose ECG is being read, one for healthy people and the other four for people with some kind of health problems. The chip was able to accurately classify heartbeats according to whether they were too prolonged or irregular.


At this moment it is emphasized that this technology is still in the initial stages of testing and that many more iterations are expected in order to reach the level of a commercially viable product. If this kind of technology was used strictly for health purposes, we would have nothing against it. However, technology usually goes in completely different directions than those its creators had in mind.

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