Daily Brief: Fully Introduced Fully Driverless Taxis

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Daily Brief: Fully Introduced Fully Driverless Taxis


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Good morning, Quartz readers Thank you. On Tuesday, August 9th, I’ll tell you what’s happening in the world this morning.

David Kirton
  1. Baidu launched China’s first robot taxi service. Chinese internet search giant Baidu’s fully driverless taxis began operating in Chongqing and Wuhan yesterday (8th). First of all, 5 units are deployed in each city.
  2. Baidu launched China’s first robotaxi services. The driverless cabs began operating in Chongqing and Wuhan yesterday, with five vehicles in each city.

      Buyer refuses to accept shipment from Ukraine for first time since UN agreement. The reason for the refusal is the 5 months late delivery. Ten ships have sailed through the “grain corridor” since Russia and Ukraine agreed to resume shipping last month, brokered by Turkey and the United Nations. A buyer rejected Ukraine’s first cargo shipment since the UN-deal. A five-month delivery delay was cited as grounds for refusal. Ten ships have sailed through the grain corridor since last month’s agreement.

    1. Pfizer Acquires Global Blood Therapeutics. Pfizer, a major US pharmaceutical company, has acquired Global Blood Therapeutics, known for its medicine for sickle cell anemia, for $5.4 billion (approximately 7,200 announced that it will acquire the company for 100 million yen.
    2. Pfizer bought Global Blood Therapeutics. The American pharmaceutical giant paid $5.4 billion to acquire the sickle cell disease drugmaker.

        A fourth heat wave hits France. France is also suffering from a severe drought. Meanwhile, Spain recorded its hottest July ever recorded, and the UK is gearing up for another heatwave.
        A fourth heat wave is hitting France. The country is also undergoing a severe drought. Meanwhile, Spain marked July as its hottest month on record, and the UK is bracing for another heat wave.

      1. Tencent will shut down the app “Kanten”. Tencent’s short-form video app Kandian, which aims to compete with ByteDance, has some features that tech giants While aiming for integration due to slowing growth, it will be taken over by the chat application “QQ”.
      2. Tencent will shut down its app Kandian. The app, intended to compete with ByteDance, will be merged with chat app QQ as the tech giant seeks to consolidate amid a slowdown in growth.

          Cryptocurrency lender Hoddlenote has frozen withdrawals. Singapore-based crypto platform Hodlnaut has also suspended exchanges and deposits as the entire crypto industry is facing liquidity issues. Crypto lender Hodlnaut froze withdrawals. The Singapore-based platform has also paused swaps and deposits as the industry at large faces ongoing problems with liquidity.

              The SoftBank Group posted a record net loss of $23 billion (approximately 3.1 trillion yen) on a quarterly basis. Investment conglomerate SoftBank Group (SBG) has been hit hard by a downturn in tech stocks. SoftBank reported a record $23 billion quarterly loss. The investment conglomerate was hit by a downturn in tech stocks.

              What to watch for

        Expectations and Violence in Kenya

        Monica Mwangi

Kenya will hold a presidential election today (9th). Leading the race to replace incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta is former Prime Minister and opposition leader Laila Odinga , Vice President William Ruto, and immigration attorney George Wajakoya (a wild card advocating for the legalization of cannabis), followed by lawyer and cleric Mwaure Waihiga.

Voters expect solutions to problems such as rising costs of living and corruption , but before voting Alcohol sales are growing and there is a shortage of small denomination bills. It has been pointed out that both of these may be bribes to buy voters.
Looking back on the last three Kenyan presidential elections, after the 2007 vote, the results were dissatisfied The opposition candidate protested and developed into a large-scale riot. Although the 2013 and 2017 elections prevented a repeat of 2007, there are still concerns about the risk of political violence.
U.S. embassy in Kenya calls for “due caution” as one of the presidential candidates issued a security alert for the city of Kisumu, the hometown of Odinga, who was also an opponent in the 2007 election. Personnel are being warned to avoid this area.

    The biggest climate bill in US history

    A big decision in the United States

    Passed by the US Senate on the 7th “ The Inflation Control Bill is said to be the largest and most important climate change bill ever. Its contents are as follows.

      📉 It includes medical and tax provisions, but the $369 billion (about 49.8 trillion yen) investment in the transition to low-carbon energy is a big topic. Aim to halve emissions by 2030 compared to 2005

      🔌 Help consumers buy electric vehicles, energy efficient home appliances and solar panels

      • ☀️ Loans to solar panel and large battery manufacturers
        • 🌱 Support for farmers implementing CO2 storage

        • 🛢️ On the one hand Concessions to the fossil fuel industry. $20 billion in subsidies and new land for offshore drilling
          • 🖋️ The House is expected to vote on the bill over the weekend. If passed, awaiting signature by President Joe Biden

              Surprising discoveries

              World Trivia

    1. Research results show that just walking for 120 seconds after eating makes you feel better. You can also get blood sugar lowering benefits, but that’s just one of the bonuses.
      1. Hummingbird spotted in Colombia for the first time in 12 years. 3rd recorded sighting of Santa Marta sabrewing.

          World War II bombs found in Italian rivers. 450 kilograms of explosives have emerged from the heat-dried river bed.

            US Zoo “Ice Benefits”. Pumpkin Spice Flavored Ice Blocks are introduced as one of the summer treats for animals.

              Snake extermination contest held in Florida. 800 contestants are trying to catch a Burmese python for a prize.
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