Dru Hill’s Sisqo Responds To Jodeci ‘Verzuz’ BattleDebate

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Dru Hill’s Sisqo Responds To Jodeci ‘Verzuz’ BattleDebate

Verzuz has yet to be a thing of the past, especially with conversations about the hypothetical result of a Dru Hill and Jodeci matchup. Comedian KevOnStage took to the digital streets to tweet, “They killing me for saying Dru Hill can hang when Jodeci on a verzuz. But I stand by my statement.” The host included a video of himself explaining his previous post and an unnamed friend’s statement about the quartet. “So the other day, me and my friend was arguing about R&B,” he said to the camera. “And he told me that Jodeci would wash Dru Hill in a Verzuz. Not beat ’em, not it be close, not Dru Hill could hang. Jodeci would wash them. Respectfully I disagree!” Sisqo of Dru Hill caught wind of the debate and responded in full agreement to Kev’s initial tweet. “We love Jodeci, but yeah, it’s definitely a massacre,” he said. “Don’t do it. Don’t do it. You don’t want that smoke.” Sisqo of Dru Hill responded with a video message in full agreement. “We love Jodeci, but yeah it’s definitely a massacre. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. You don’t want that smoke.”Back in September 2021, Sisqo and his bandmates issued an official challenge to not only the since-reunited Jodeci but also Boyz II Men.“Whoever want it, can get it,” they stated in a video shared on social media. They specifically mentioned that the right opponent needs to be able to “sing for real” and teased, “[if] 112 and Jagged Edge could combine into one group, maybe they could stand a chance.” Though Jodeci successfully completed a full tour alongside New Edition and Charlie Wilson and recently appeared in the Bad Boy portion of Diddy’s tribute at the 2022 BET Awards, Dru Hill definitely stepped up with something to prove during Essence Fest 2022. Who would you side with in a Dru Hill versus Jodeci showdown? Since 112 and Jagged Edge faced off against one another in 2020, maybe it’s time for another beloved R&B group to take the Verzuz stage.Swizz and Timbo might have to make the call to get this one on the books.Read More

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