Even though it's a wrench, it's cold!“Chilled Chinese'' frozen food made by Nichirei was too delicious | Gizmodo Japan

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Even though it's a wrench, it's cold!“Chilled Chinese'' frozen food made by Nichirei was too delicious | Gizmodo Japan

Hats off to both the taste and the idea.

Nichirei Foods, which is familiar with frozen foods such as fried rice and fried chicken, has released a new product “ Chilled Chinese ” that is too unique. It’s a frozen food, and it’s hiyashi chuka. In other words, chilled Chinese noodles made in the microwave!

This hiyashi chuka, which was announced around mid-January, is Nichirei’s ambitious work that took about five years to conceive. It will be on sale nationwide from March 1, 2022 , but I was able to taste it a step ahead, so let’s deliver the taste and surprise.

It’s full of ice!


A blue package that gives you a refreshing feeling. It clearly says, “The surprise of being cold in the microwave.”


Inside is like this. Contains noodles, soy sauce sauce, homemade boiled pork, thinly sliced ​​omelet, chopped okra, and pickled ginger . The color of the ingredients is beautiful ~. When you make your own chilled Chinese noodles, it’s troublesome to prepare the ingredients, and it’s hard to get such a beautiful color.


And this is ice . Don’t remove this ice, put it on the noodles and lentin. It is said that ice is not easily affected by microwaves, and by utilizing this characteristic , it is possible to cool even lentin . Passion for cold food is too great.

Properly cold, authentic chilled Chinese noodles

Let’s actually make it. Chin at 600W for 2 minutes and 50 seconds . My family eats frozen food quite often, such as soupless dandan noodles, fried rice, Imagawa-yaki and xiaolongbao. 2 minutes and 50 seconds for one meal is relatively fast. It’s also good as a time-saving meal.


And here’s what I got. The ice is still there! The ingredients on the left side are warm, and steam is rising from the noodles. The thawing itself must have been done well. After that, pour cold soy sauce over the noodles and mix the ice and other ingredients.


Complete, lentin chilled Chinese noodles!

To say it first, it was really delicious . The noodles are smooth and chewy, and it seems that the noodles are quickly frozen in their own factory. The dark soy sauce sauce is entwined there, and it’s really authentic. Much more satisfying than Chinese noodles that you boil yourself.

Red ginger works well for the ingredients, and the taste is tightened. The bitterness of the okra adds a strong accent to the flavor, and above all, boiled pork oil makes me happy. Isn’t the meat frame for self-catering chilled Chinese food apt to be bland things like ham and scissors? When it becomes boiled pork, it becomes a side dish at once.

about the essential coldness. It’s cold!

As the ice and soy sauce are added, the steaming noodles and ingredients cool down properly. So you don’t have to worry about it becoming a hot chilled Chinese dish. However, I thought that the ingredients and noodles would not get entangled in the second half, probably because the ice gradually melted and the wateriness increased. Due to the specifications of frozen food, the ingredients may be smaller.

Chilled Chinese noodles can be made anytime and in about 3 minutes

Relatively A revolution in the frozen food industry I feel like I’m going to have a cold Chinese noodles this time. I felt that the time-saving meal that can be made in about 3 minutes and the authentic taste have the potential to become the new standard in the frozen food industry. For those times when you just want to eat something cold but want something cold and refreshing, this is it. The same principle may be used to develop different cold lentin foods.

Nichirei’s chilled Chinese noodles will be available at supermarkets nationwide from March 1st. While singing AMEMIYA in your heart, check out the cold food corner. Chilled Chinese food ~ has begun ~.

Source: Nichirei Foods

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