Intense heat affects gender… All sea turtles are female!

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Intense heat affects gender… All sea turtles are female!

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    • ( Shingo Yuki author ) 猛暑が性別に影響…ウミガメがメスばかりになってる!猛暑が性別に影響…ウミガメがメスばかりになってる!猛暑が性別に影響…ウミガメがメスばかりになってる!Image: Troy Mayne/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

      If this continues…?

      sea turtle


      Eggs It is not determined when you are born. The sand temperature

      of the beach until hatching about 2 months after being laid is a key factor in determining the gender. However, it is an undeniable reality that the earth is now being hit by an unprecedented global warming phenomenon Intense heat

      is a sea turtle You seem to have created an overwhelmingly disproportionate male-female relationship


      sand The temperature is high and only females!

      recently Reuters reports that spawning 猛暑が性別に影響…ウミガメがメスばかりになってる! on the coast of Florida


      sea turtle

      revealed an abnormal male-to-female ratio.

      Sand temperature

      , especially in environments above 88.8 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 31.5 degrees Celsius), reliably female sea turtles It seems that

      will be born, but in recent years sea turtles have been

      It seems that there are only females

      . Mr. Bette Zirkelbach


      Terrible, Florida’s Summer 4 years in a row

      猛暑が性別に影響…ウミガメがメスばかりになってる! It was a record high temperature

      . The researchers found that in the last four years

      they have seen only female sea turtles


      By the way, every year on the coast of Florida,

      More than 40,000

      Although sea turtle eggs

      are laid, they can grow until they actually become adults. Of these,

      1 out of 1,000

      . However, since most male sea turtles have not grown in the last few years, the number of sea turtles is decreasing more and more. Even though it is designated as an endangered species

      , what will happen in the future? Huh?

      Because of this, the number of male sea turtles tends to decrease, but the most recent birth rate of male sea turtles was 2013. In the study at that time,




      . The extreme heat is affecting the ecosystem from unexpected places.

      Source: Reuters

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