Mégane E-tech and Dacia Spring: the Renault group's new bestsellers?

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Mégane E-tech and Dacia Spring: the Renault group's new bestsellers?

The good order figures for the new Mégane E-Tech and the Dacia Spring confirm that the Renault group is on the road to recovery. But what do the electric models weigh in the manufacturer’s sales?

On the brink of the abyss less than two years ago, is Renault in the process of succeeding in its electric revival? While it suffered a historic loss of more than 8 billion euros in 2020, the French group is relying heavily on the development of its zero-emission range to regain market share.

The Mégane and the Spring in good shape

A winning bet if we are to believe the latest figures on the launch of its new Mégane E-Tech, only available in 100% electric. This model recorded 25,000 orders in the first six months of the year, the vast majority of which were in top-of-the-range versions and with the most powerful engines (in other words, the most expensive versions and on which Renault made the most margin), explains a spokesperson for the diamond brand in an article in Parisien. An upmarket strategy at the center of the “Renaulution” plan led by the group’s general manager Luca de Meo.

On the Dacia side, the revolution is called Spring, the first 100% electric car of the group’s low-cost brand. A little over a year after its launch, success also seems to be there, with the bar of 100,000 orders worldwide which will soon be crossed for this small raised city car made in China. A nice performance while its price, which remains cheap, has not escaped inflation in the automotive sector. The Spring currently starts at 14,454 euros in France, i.e. 2,000 euros more than when it was launched a little over a year ago.

Does Renault sell more than ‘electric?

But what do these two models weigh in the group’s sales? If we focus on France, its first market since the sale of activities in Russia, the latest figures from January to July indicate that Dacia delivered 9864 Spring and Renault 4736 Mégane E-Tech. We are therefore still far from the volumes of a Clio, 37,828 registrations in France since the beginning of the year, or a Sandero, 35,509 units, which therefore remain the best-sellers of the two brands.

In total in France, Mégane E-Tech and Spring represent only 6.75% of Renault sales, compared to 33% for the Clio-Sandero duo.

But Renault sells other 100% electric cars, such as the Zoé, a little over 9,000 sold since the start of the year, or the Twingo, which sells 63% in the 100% electric version in 2022, i.e. 8,600 units at add.

Result: electric vehicles represent nearly 15% of total Renault and Dacia sales in France since the beginning of the year. Promising compared to 2021, where this rate remained below 9%, admittedly without the Mégane E-Tech but with a Zoé which ended the year second best seller after the Tesla Model 3 (and even first if we add registrations in the utility vehicle category).

Next step, Europe

In Europe, and while the Renault Zoé had finished best selling in the electric category in 2020, second behind the Tesla Model 3 in 2021, the French group now seems to be outdistanced by its main competitors.

In the first half of the year, in the top three of the biggest Electric car sellers in Europe include Volkswagen, Stellantis and Tesla. Two historical players in the sector with many brands and which have made a major shift towards electric vehicles, and the specialist in the category, the American, which retains a certain head start but does not have the same strike force .

A domination of these three groups that can be found in the top 10 best-selling published models Car Industry Analysis, with the Tesla Model Y and 3 in the first two places, followed by the Fiat 500 and Peugeot 208 (Stellantis) and by the Volkswagen ID.4 and its cousin from Skoda, the Enyaq . There are also two Korean models, Kia Niro and Hyundai Kona.

Renault seems further behind, with a Zoé, eighth, a Spring, tenth, and a Twingo in fourteenth place. And to find the Mégane E-Tech, you have to search to 41st place, with 4428 units registered in Europe. Not so worrying in view of the good level of orders and a production which had been penalized until now by the difficulties in obtaining components, the famous semi-conductors.

All in all, Renault plans to have a range of 7 100% electric models in 2025. After the Mégane, we expect in particular the return of the R5, but also the 4L, for a rebirth in zero emission mode.

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