OPPO banned in Europe? OPPO and OnePlus are no longer sold in Germany; Other countries follow

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OPPO banned in Europe?  OPPO and OnePlus are no longer sold in Germany;  Other countries follow

At the beginning of July 2022, I was surprised to learn that OPPO and OnePlus phones were banned in Germany after a trial on the basis of patents was lost by OPPO to Nokia. Today we discover that the decision has been implemented and even you can no longer buy an OPPO or OnePlus phone in this country.

The process started when Nokia accused OnePlus/OPPO of infringing 5G patents owned by Nokia. The legal dispute is taking place in multiple countries, so other European markets will follow with an OPPO ban soon. Attention, this dispute is between OPPO and Nokia, the Finnish network equipment giant, not the brand owned by HMD Global, which produces phones.

At this time if you enter the websites OnePlus and OPPO from Germany and you want to buy a phone, you can’t. Nokia has been pressuring these companies for years to use its 5G technology on their phones without paying for it. Thus began a trial, won by Nokia, which proved the legitimacy of its accusations. In the future OPPO and OnePlus will pay Nokia if they want to use its patents

At the beginning of July 2022, the judge decided that these two parties should come to an agreement, or if that is not possible, then the products should be banned in Germany. The discussions were not successful, and now the OPPO/OnePlus sales ban is in force from August 5. OPPO’s official position is that Nokia is asking too much money for 4G or 5G patents. Apparently Nokia filed a lawsuit the day after the agreement expired.

OPPO has a 10% market share in Germany and sells 2 million phones there per year. Together with OnePlus they would pay about 2.5 euros to Nokia per phone sold. The problem is that German law requires these parties to enter into a global agreement with Nokia in order to sell locally. Thus they will have to pay licenses to the Finns in all countries.

The countries with problems now for OPPO are Spain, France, Finland, Sweden, Great Britain and the Netherlands. Nokia is also being tried with realme and vivo in these countries. Ironically Nokia also sued… the other Nokia, more precisely with HMD also for the same patents and those Nokia phones are no longer sold in Germany.

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