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Understand everything

The rapper wants to fight against the abuses of the influencer community. For several months, Booba has been denouncing their practices on social networks. Only problem, he is now banned from Instagram.

In the real or virtual world, Booba is not used to doing things by halves. After settling accounts with Rohff or, more recently, with Kaaris, the rapper is now tackling another fight: that against the “totally fake world” of influencers.

• Why does Booba attack influencers?

After being attacked by Marc Blata, the “Duke of Boulogne” looked into the activities of this influencer in cryptocurrencies and trading. “It made me want to dig to understand, said Booba in an interview with Liberation . Understanding why thousands of Internet users accuse them of ‘scam.” This campaign led to the explosion of the term “influvoleur” on social networks.

Beyond the “culture of emptiness” that he denounces, dropshipping is clearly in the rapper’s viewfinder. This practice consists of promoting and organizing the sale of a product while the delivery is ensured directly by a supplier. This economic model allows many influencers to recover a tidy margin on the sale of low-end products. range.

• Why was Booba’s Instagram account deleted?

To denounce the activities – legal but considered unscrupulous – influencers, the rapper, whose real name Elie Yaffa, quickly made Magali Berdah his favorite target. Director of Shauna Events, she is the agent of many influencers. Through publications, tensions went up to the suspension of Booba’s account.

Already banned from Instagram in 2020, the artist has since opened a slew of accounts s on the social network. A complaint from Magali Berdah, filed in May for cyberbullying, led to the closure of one of them in mid-July: @oklm. In a publication on the platform, she explains that the president of the Judicial Court ordered this closure.

• Has Booba’s Twitter account also been deleted?

On August 1, Boboa saw yet another Instagram account (@elieyaffaofficiel) banned from the platform. In the process, the artist’s Twitter account disappears. Despite the appearance of the keyword #SoutienBooba on the social network, denouncing censorship of the rapper.

However, as demonstrated by BFMTV, it is indeed Booba himself who was the cause of this deactivation. He also confirmed this information on Twitter after reactivating his account.

• Has the keyword #booba been censored by Instagram?

At the end of last week, screenshots were published claiming that the keyword #booba is hidden. Again, these images were accompanied by accusations of censorship. This is actually a classic moderation process when reports are massively reported.

“ We have been informed of the suspension of #booba, due to a large number of reports relating to content associated with this hashtag, unrelated to the rapper Booba, explains a spokesperson for Meta to BFMTV. This temporary suspension was lifted after our teams were able to confirm that the content did not violate the Community Guidelines.”

After verification, Instagram says the tag has been restored. This August 8, the hashtag #booba was again visible on the platform.

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